One Punch Man Chapter 152 Release Date Delayed?

The widely popular action-comedy manga series One Punch Man written and self-published by an artist named ONE, follows the action-packed yet hilarious life of the beloved Hero for Fun, Saitama a.k.a. The One Punch Man. One Punch Man is a renowned manga series that not only anime/ manga fans but even non-anime/ manga fans know about and the main character is also considered as one of the strongest anime characters out there so much so that anime fans compare him with the legendary protagonist Goku from the Dragon Ball franchise (however who is stronger is still open for debate and a conclusion might never be reached regarding this topic).

The anime series is also widely acclaimed and is available on Netflix to watch but fans can’t help but admire the original manga art style more. The original web manga was first released back in 2009 and is still running. So far the manga has 23 volumes as of now. Here, in this article we are going to discuss One Punch Man Chapter 152, so read the whole article below.

One Punch Man Chapter 152 Release Date

One Punch Man
One Punch Man

Unfortunately, One Punch Man Chapter 152 doesn’t have a fixed schedule so far yet. So as of now, it’s really hard to say anything. But fans are eagerly waiting for the next manga installment of the franchise. 

One Punch Man Chapter 152 Plot Premises

One Punch Man
One Punch Man

Have you ever wondered what’s it like to be the strongest being on Earth? How it’s like to be truly invisible? How it’s like to someone nobody can defeat including non-humans beings as well? Well, spoiler alert it will be boring according to Saitama, the superhero known as One Punch Man. The series One Punch Man allows us to follow the life of the strongest man alive and how he deals with things that surround him. 

Being the strongest man on Earth might seem grand and extravagant, a life filled with thrill, bone-crushing action, heart-throbbing adventure, the life on the edge almost all the time filled with glory, fame, wealth, having authority, dominating the evil all the way through and most of all being the symbol of peace, a symbol that preaches peace, safety, prosperity, being someone everyone looks up to and relies on. However, the reality isn’t that bright for Saitama. Even though there is no doubt that Saitama a.k.a One Punch Man is indeed the strongest man out there, someone whose involvement itself means doom for the evil regardless of their strength and abilities, Saitama rather lives an ordinary life, a life too ordinary for the strongest hero alive. 

And his appearance isn’t that convincing at all, he lives in a simplistic apartment, buys groceries on his own, gets bothered when someone disturbs his nap, pretty much just like a person next door. Saitama takes his job of being a hero as a hobby of some sort, he just likes being a hero just for fun. Fighting evil and protecting others is also a criterion for him, but enjoying the excitement of fighting strong opponents is what he craves. 

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The special power of One Punch Man is that well it takes him only one punch to bring down his opponents, duh. And the majority of the time he doesn’t even have to use about half of his entire potential to bring down the strongest of his foes yet he gets bothered by a simple mosquito. This duality of Saitama brings in the comedy aspect of the series. However, Saitama wasn’t born as the strongest of all. He used to be an ordinary man only with no superpower whatsoever. But after a fateful encounter with an evil being, he realized his true aspiration is to become a hero, someone who can protect those who are in need, someone strong enough to drive away from the evil but he also realized how weak he is, and the state he was in no way suitable for him to fight evil. So he just decided to start working out and become strong.

After 3 years of relentless training, and following a strict training regimen without a single day of the become the strongest hero of all time (yup! Just like that), but everything has a price, in his endeavor to gain the tremendous unmatchable power that made him the One Punch Man, Saitama lost all of his hair for dedication to the process leaving him bald. At first, after gaining the impeccable state, Saitama felt content with himself as he was finally strong enough to fight evil, so much so that he only needed one punch only that too without even the slightest of efforts to finish the deal. 

However, the problem with defeating his opponents with only one single punch effortlessly is that he can just defeat anyone with one single punch effortlessly. Now, this situation doesn’t seem like a problem but it is a major problem for Saitama since he grew bored of his strength. His whole point of becoming strong was to defeat evil beings who threat humanity and to enjoy the thrill of getting involved in a battle with strong opponents but when he noticed that there was no one strong enough to last longer than one single punch of his, he started losing all his thrill and excitement and gradually became bored of his powers. So now he just looks around for a worthy opponent, strong enough to restore his excitement of fighting evil. 

Things were going the usual way for Saitama, just before he encountered Genos, a strong cyborg who aspires to be a strong hero. Genos, the cyborg who is 19 years old on witnessing the true strength that Saitama holds wishes to join Saitama as his disciple. The story then follows the life of Saitama and Genos as they encounter various powerful heroes and evil beings while dealing with complex situations filled with hilarious twists.

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