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Will The Anime, One Room Return With A 4th Installment?

The short anime series, One Room has finally concluded its third season. Produced by SMIRAL, the first season was animated Typhoon graphics. We already have seen three different storylines in the first three seasons. The audience has really liked the first-person narrative idea that this anime has brought. The second season’s animation was done by Zero-G.The first season of the anime was Premiered on the 12th of April 2017. The final the last running season was concluded on the 22nd of December 2020.

It’s been about a year since we haven’t heard about season 2 of the show. So, will The One season 4 Be renewed? or will there be The One Season 4? You are going to get all these questions answered. The Show has a rating of 5.6 on Myanimelist and about 97K members on the MAL group. The show definitely has a great fanbase and if you are too wondering when will The One Season 4 release, then we have all the compiled-up details on The One Season 4 Release Date.

One Room Season 4 Release Date

One Room Season 4 Release Date

As I mentioned above, the show has received a very great response from all the otakus all around The World due to its unique narrative style. Though the show was liked by many audiences it didn’t become as popular as other franchises. The show has a score of 6.4 on myanimelist and above 20k members in myanimelist groups. The audience liked the third season better than all the other seasons, released of the franchise until now.

The most important factor to renew any anime is the fan base and the source material for the anime. As the show has been popular all around the world it has a great fan base and the Anime gets a green flag here. On the other hand, all three seasons had a totally different storyline with the same essence.

Therefore, the writers of the show will have the independence to write another unique story to bring season 4. If we talk about the source material of the show writers can bring any kind of story they want to.

Will One Room Season 4 Get Renewed?

So, the chances for the Anime to get renewed for the fourth installment is very high. But no official information has been revealed regarding season 4. But one thing you should know is that it’s a short anime series and it will take less time to produce the series compared to all other anime shows.

So if the original makers of the show renew the Anime in 2021 then we could expect One Room season 4 to fall somewhere in between the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. The page will be updated as soon as the One Room season 4 release date has been announced.

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One Room: Plot Synopsis

One Room Season 4 Release Date

This anime has brought a very unique concept that no anime has. The show revolves around  Yui Hanasaka, who has just moved into a new apartment building. She makes a very nice gesture to her neighbor. When she gets connected to the people in the apartment, she came to know that the neighbor of a new apartment building is an upper-classman at the university. That’s the university she always wanted to go to.

Therefore she asks her neighbor to help her pass the entrance exam. While on the other hand, the next story is about Natsuki Momohara, who decided to go to meet her older brother who lives in an apartment building in Tokyo. And in a totally different story Moka Aoshima, who was an aspiring singer reunites with her childhood friend. Her childhood friend is a hopeful novelist.

Can you find the common factor between all three stories? basically, all the three stories are totally different from each other but they have the same essence- that faith will bring together those who share the same destiny. And here the story has described that one should not look any further than a single apartment room. This concept is very unique and many fans like the show.

One Room Season 4 Story

One Room Season 4 story

As mentioned, all three seasons of the anime had a different storyline with one common factor. The common factor is that fate will always bring together those who share the same destiny and, one needs to look no further than a single apartment room. So, the fourth season might a different storyline but they will have the same motive.

There has been no official information made regarding the story of the fourth season nor any trailer has been released. So, if the show gets renewed we are definitely sure that you will see a completely different plot with the same essence as we saw it in the previous three seasons.

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