Onihei season 2 Release Date Announced? Or Canceled?

Talking about the anime series named as onihei Season 2 is one of the best historic anime series out there which was really loved by its viewers and most beautiful part of this anime series is that people from different age groups i.e. from kids to adult ones, were viewers of this series and liked them so much so that petition was filed for season 2 of it by their die heart fan following.

This anime series shows the era of the late eighteenth century of Japan. It’s really satisfying for those demanding a pre-historic Japan view, as we can clearly see the people wearing kimono clothing, traditional wooden houses, and samurai dresses worn by warriors and investigators creating a true recipe for a classical and historic Japanese culture.

As the series continues, viewers become really eager to know the next action and the background music played in it really leaves a deep impression inside the viewers making them fantasizing about the scenarios watched in episodes of it, throughout the whole day. Seems like the creator knew very well the real craving of fan following and was successful in spreading the sensation among them. Undoubtedly, the series is really worthy of watching and giving your whole heart to it. Here We Will Discuss the series Onihei Season 2 Release Date.

Onihei season 2 Release Date

The anime series was aired from January 10, 2017, to April 4, 2017, by studio M2. The OVA prequel was released on February 22, 2017, and was premiered on TV Tokyo, TVA, TVH, TVQ Kyushu, TSC, TVO, jiduigeki specialty channel and had a run of total 13 episodes. An English dub of these amazing Anime series was also released on Tubi on April 15, 2021. In mid-2019, people were expecting the announcement of the release of its second season, but unfortunately, their hopes have not become true yet. There has been a history of uncertainty regarding the release of another season for anime in the anime world, which makes it more difficult to depict its release date. We hope that soon the producers of this series may feel the longings of their viewers and produce another season of it soon, better than anyone have expected it yet.

Onihei season 2 Story

The main lead of the story is Hasegawa taizo ( Hasegawa dobutamine ) and is shown as a superintendent general of the investigation agency specialized in theft and armed robbery and arson ). Initially, being a chartered libertine, he succeeded his father as their heir and was appointed as the head of the special police who had jurisdiction over arson robberies in Edo. He was adopted at the age of 17 by the couple of Hasegawa family who had no single child of them. He felt insulted by his stepmother as she said that he was a child of a concubine. This made his rebellion against her and running away from the house, leading him to become the head of “ The handlooms “ and having a fast life. His street name was “ Honjo no Tetsu “ derived from this childhood name “ Tetsusaburo “.

After the death of his father, he inherited his birthright and was named onihei ( Heizo the demon ) by a villain. He was a leader band of samurai police and look after the reformed criminals as informants as a source for making easy the complicated crimes. As the story continues, he was titled “ Hitsuke tozoku aratamekata” ( police force for arson and theft ). He had an office made in his official residence for so. He had an image of a demon, but he had also another side that was merciful to those who committed crimes out of necessity or were faithful to him even if they had a criminal history. He founded and maintained the ishikawajima ninsoku Toshiba, a vocational training school for criminals, and was a yoseba magistrate for some time.

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Onihei Season 2 Cast

Heizo Hasegawa voiced by kaiju Haruhi is the lead in the story who is head of the Arson thief control office ( ATC ) and is a shrewd, fair and excellent swordsman and in-charge of investigating and resolving arson and robbery cases throughout Edo. Tatsuzo voiced by Daisuke Namikawa is the son of Heizo and Hisae Hasegawa in the story.

Hisae voiced by Junko Iwao is the better half ( wife ) of Heizo Hasegawa. Ojun voiced by Sayaka senbongi is a young adopted daughter of Heizo and Hisae Hasegawa who was the daughter of a thief Heizo. Omasa voiced by Romi Park is a former thief who worked in espionage under Heizo’s information network after he rescued her from her adversaries. Chugo kimura voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto is also a part of the samurai doshins under the ATC who uses Karama on duty.

Yusuke Sakai voiced by Kenji Hamada is a senior officer and a samurai in the ATC, who is a leader of the yorikis who uses Katama on duty. Yasuhiro koyonagi voiced by Hidenobu kiuchi is also one of the samurai of doshins under the ATC who uses Karama on duty. Haikou voiced by shozo Iizuka is one of the old friends of Heizo who also becomes espionage working in Heizo’s information network. Kumehachi voiced by yoshimasa hosoya is an ex-thief captured by Heizo, who later on was working under the ATC and his rank is okappiki.

Onihei season 2 Trailer Details

The status of the trailer is the same as season 2, not released yet. But hopes are still there of the viewers who are continuously in want of its season 2 . Hope, that we will soon be able to watch season 2 and it’s the trailer too.

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