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Only For Love Season 2: Release Date, Predicted Story, Where To Watch And Lot More!

Cute romantic Asian dramas are the need of today. Anywhere in the entertainment industry, movies with a better romantic plot are trending and Korean Dramas are the best example of this. Only For Love is yet another Asian drama that has received a lot of reviews about its season and has been loved for the show.

Only For Love is a popular Chinese drama that has audiences from all over the world. With its huge fan following, the show is constantly being discussed and the plot is said to be one of the most interesting ones as well.

With the end of the first season, the spectators are curious to know if there is a second season. Most are sure that the second season is in the works but many believe that the show is not going to return. To put an end to this guessing game, let us discuss in detail everything about the show.

This article contains information about Only For Love season two, the predicted story, recap, where to watch and a lot more! So, read further to know everything we know!

Only For Love Season 2 Release Date

Only For Love is a Netflix series that was released in 2022 and blew up soon; The show was created by Luciano Patrick and the show gained a lot of appreciation over the year. Most of the story is loved by the audience and the interest towards the show is wonderful. The show revolves around two love birds and how a lot of miscommunication can ruin any relationship.

The tale of Zheng Shu Yi and Shi Yan’s love has captured the hearts of the audience all over. The love story was just too cute to be true and the ending came with a cliffhanger, as usual. The story ended with the pair in a difficult position and the return of season two will tell us everything about their future together.

As of January 2024, there is no definite release date for season two of Only For Love. Neither the makers nor Netflix has confirmed anything about the second season. most Asian dramas do not receive a second season and this only means we might have to bid farewell to this series too.

Due to the higher review rate and love towards the show by the audience, the show might return as well. Even though the story is not good enough to receive a second season, the love of the audience and the viewer rate increase could induce the making of another season.

So, if there is a possibility of the show coming back with another season, we surely will let you know! Until then, we have to await the confirmation of the makers for the renewal of the show or its cancellation. Once this is out, we can easily predict it!

Only For Love Season 2

The first season of Only For Love aired on September 21, 2022, and revolves around the life of Gu Nian and Lu Xun. The difficult patch between most couples is hidden away in shows but this one emphasises on the difficult parts that bring out love better. The story focuses on showing the miscommunications and hardships they face on their journey.

Zheng Shu Yi is a reporter who finds the most youngest and eligible CEO in order to write a front-page article on him. The CEO, Shi Yan seems heartless and cold at first but ends up being the sweetest. It seems like a misunderstanding made them feel that way about each other.

She is as dedicated as anybody else and is working very hard to create a steady career in journalism. Shi Yan gets better at work and becomes a very eligible leader of his company. Even though he cannot deny his feelings for Shu Yi, he tries to create a balance for his personal and professional life.

By the end of the show, Shi YAN AND Zheng Shu Yi and ready to face anything that comes int their way and become stronger than ever as well. Their professional encounters are the best since they show us their ethics as professionals and then their personal lives as well.

While she does get his article, this makes them grow fonder of each other. With more details about season two, their love will grow more in the next season. we can see the next season to show us more about their relationship and the hardships they face.

Only For Love Cast

Only For Love can be streamed on Netflix and is a very interesting Chinese Drama. The roles of the leads are played by Bai Lu and Dylan Wang. The role of Yu You is played by Wei Zhe Ming and the role of Qin Shi Yue is played by Shen Yu Jie.

The role of TANG Yi is played by Zeng Li and the role of Guan Ji is played by Liu Song Qin. The role of Jiang Pei Yao is played by Bi Ruo Shan and Nie Yuan’s role is played by Guan Xiang Cheng.

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