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Orelsan Never Show This to Anyone Season 2 Release Date Not Yet Renewed!

Corn Orelsan, born with the name Aurélien Cotentin, is one of the best rappers in Spain. He is also the most popular sensation in French music. ‘Orelsan, Never show that to Anyone’ is a documentary about Orelsan. It is his journey of becoming from Aurélien to Orelsan with his friends always having his back and playing a fundamental role in the making of his career. They helped him to believe in the concept of rap which included both self-mockery and sensitivity.

With an 8.4 IMDB rating, the first season of this docu-series did a fantastic job at bringing justice to Orelsan’s struggles and success. So now, if you have liked the first season, get your seat belts ready as I am about to tell you about the release date of ‘Never Show that to Anyone Season 2’ on Amazon Prime Video.

Orelsan Never Show this to Anyone Season 2 Release Date

Orelsan Never Show This to Anyone Season 2 Release Date
Orelsan Never Show This to Anyone

We do know the fact that the first season of this docu-series was launched in mid-October 2021, on Amazon Prime Video. The first season consisted of 6 episodes which ended with Orelsan announcing the release of his new album and also coming up of season 2.

Although we haven’t received any official information about the exact release dates of season 2. Because let’s be honest, who wants to wait for a long for the second season to air? The second season will definitely take much longer time to renew.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Orelsan Never Show This to Anyone Season 1 Release Date 15 October 2021
Orelsan Never Show This to Anyone Season 2 Release Date Not Announced Yet
Orelsan Never Show This to Anyone Season 2 Release Date

Orelsan Season 2 Story

While the first season had covered a major chunk of Orelsan’s journey to becoming a rap sensation in Spain, with the Orelsan Season 2 the fans can expect a few more old sequences that were not revealed during the 6 episodes of the first season.

While the first season discussed in detail the past events, we can surely expect the second season to be full of new sequences related to Orelsan’s present new concerts, especially the ones after the pandemic since it would highlight his current career scenario and how he launched the current season.

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Orelsan Season 1 Recap

In the first season of Orelsan Don’t Ever Show This to Anyone, we see a story through the point of view of Clément Cotentin, the rapper’s brother, who had filmed Orelsan in his privacy. The series has records of milestones in his life, starting from his first job to the big concert halls. It also has instances of his time at the galleys with his friends and the JAM project. Well, if you are a huge anime fan and enjoy listening to most anime openings/endings, then the JAM project is a cherry on the top information for you.

All in all, it is the journey of Aurelien Cotentin who is a young middle-class man from Caen, and through his hardships, controversies and constantly being filmed by his admiring little brother, Aurelien becomes Orelsan.  Orelsan: is one of the most popular French artists of his generation, who has given the rap genre a new meaning in itself.

Orelsan Season 2 Characters

Orelsan Never Show This to Anyone Season 2 Release Date
Orelsan Never Show This to Anyone

As stated earlier, apart from the protagonist, we are excited to see whether there would be any new faces in season 2. In season 1, apart from Orelsan, we have witnessed his brother, Clément Cotentin. He had not only filmed the series but was also the director and voice-over of the documentary. He was successful enough to document his brother, his friends, and how eagerly he had wanted them to become the stars they are today.

Apart from him, we saw Skread; the producer, Gringe, Soprano, Akhenaton, Stromaé, and even Maître Gims who have been the phenomenal support system for Orelsan throughout.

Where to Watch Orelsan Season 2 Online?

If you haven’t watched Orelsan Season 1 yet, you can now stream the docu-series on Amazon Prime Video. Season 2 is also promised to be aired on the same platform by the end of 2022.

In case you do not have a subscription to Prime Video, I am listing below the steps on how to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video.

  1. Subscribe to Amazon Prime Video using the 30-day free trial.
  2. Once the trial period is over, you can avail a new subscription on a monthly, semi-annually, and annually basis.
  3. Oh and don’t worry! You can unsubscribe for Prime Video at any time.

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