Orient Season 2 Release Date: Announced?


Orient, written and illustrated by Shinobu Ohtaka, is a Japanese manga series that is serialized by the Weekly Shonen Magazine owned by Kodansha, from the years 2018 to January 2021. Later the manga was transferred to Bessatsu Shonen Magazine in February 2021. Kodansha USA gained a license for an English release in North America. In January 2022, A.C.G.T took up the production for the series and it was released as a television anime series that aired on January 2022.

Orient Season 2 Release Date

The Orient season 1 ended with a bang as the series brought in a huge and loyal fan base both in Japan and worldwide. Musashi and his Bushi were already expected to return for a second season as there were hints and leaks all over social media. The most important factor, however, lies in the fact that the series had a lot of manga content to animate and also as stated before a huge and loyal fan base. There is also the fact that Shinobu Ohtaka is yet to finish the manga for Orient. So the production company A.C.G.T has a lot of story content to work with. The first season and 12 episodes covered the content from chapters 18 to 42 of the Daito Mine arc.

The official website of Orient confirmed the release of a new season soon after the last episode aired on Japanese television networks. Season 2, as announced by the Japanese website Orient-anime.jp will be released on July 2022, as of now, there is no set date.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Orient Season 1 Release Date 6 January 2022
Orient Season 2 Release Date Not Announced Yet
Orient Season 2 Release Date

Orient Season 1 Recap

Orient Season 2 Release Date

The story of Orient takes place in the time period of Japan’s Sengoku era and is centered around a 15 year old boy who goes by the name Musashi. During this time period in Japan, Demons are the rulers, ruling over humans while Samurais are considered taboo. Musashi is working as a mine worker along with many others who are made to believe from a young age that Oni or Demons are their saviors and that they are indebted to them.

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5 years prior, when he was 10 years old, He along with his childhood best friend Kojirou would listen to the stories told by Kojirou’s father who would tell them about how demons or Oni were not good but evil forces that preyed on the innocent and those that defended the people and defeated the demons were known as warriors. As children they practice swordsmanship promising each other that they would become the strongest warriors in the world however as they grow up Kojirou turns cynical while Musashi is faced with the truth, he would not be able to overthrow the 150 years of rule under the demons by himself. Mushai is a genius at wielding the pickaxe and he makes up his mind to completely settle down and become a miner. However, the unsettling feeling that something isn’t right kept shaking his resolve. Just as decides to let go of the past he discovers his untapped ability that just might help him stand up against the demons.

Orient Season 1 Characters

Orient Season 2 Release Date


Musashi is the main protagonist of the series Orient.  He is the childhood friend of Kojiro who he later goes on a journey to defeat the demons who are current rulers of Japan and to from the best Bushi. He is one of the founding members of the Bushi, Kanemaki Bushi.

Kojiro Kanemaki

Kojiro Kanemaki is the deuteragonist of the series Orient.  He is his childhood best friend of Musahi and is one of his travel partners. He shares Mushai’s goal of forming the best Bushi and seeks to defeat the Demons ruling over the humans in Japan. He is also one of the founding members of Kanemaki Bushi.

Tsugumi Hattori

Tsugumi Hattori is the tritagonist of the series Orient. She is a close friend of both Musashi and Kojiro Kanemaki. She is part of the Kanemaki Bushi along with the two. She is following after her sister’s wishes to become a kind hearted Bushi who seeks to protect the weak.

Where to Watch Orient Season 2?

Orient can be streamed on Crunchyroll.

Orient Season 1 Trailer

Orient’s official trailer was released on September 6, 2021, on the official YouTube channel of JP Anime.

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