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Our Beautiful Now Episode 21 Release Date 

Korean dramas are some of the most entertaining movies and series you can watch. If anything is better, it is Korean romance dramas. We all love the cute, mushy love stories on the screen. How many times have you wished the same in your life? Well, along that lines let’s get into today’s article. Our Beautiful Now is one such mushy, cute romantic family drama. If you follow the show then you must be excited to know when the new episode will be coming out. We’ll get to that too.

Meanwhile, let’s talk a bit more about the show. It focuses on the lives of three brothers- Lee Yoon-Jae, Lee Hyun-Jae, and Lee Soo-Jae. They are uninterested in any kind of relationship or marriage. As a result, their grandfather and parents are very worried. They decide to make them a deal- whoever marries first would get an apartment. This is enough to make the three of them start looking for women to marry.

The series follows their lives as they meet the love of their life. Their perception of love and relationships also change. It is a feel-good watch that you would enjoy a lot if you like romcoms.

Our Beautiful Now Episode 21 Release Date

The new episode of Our Beautiful Now will be released on the 11th of June, 2022. Fans are eagerly waiting for the new episode. 

EpisodesRelease Dates
Our Beautiful Now Episode 1 Release Date 2 April 2022
Our Beautiful Now Episode 21 Release Date 11 June 2022
Our Beautiful Now Episode 21 Release Date 

Our Beautiful Now Episode 21 Story

We already know a lot of details about the upcoming episode. It is likely we will get to see a lot of sweet cheesy moments between the characters. Mi Rae and Hyun Jae’s relationship has taken flight well. Mi Rae wanted to make lunch for Hyun Jae. But she is unable to do so.
However, she is surprised by Hyun Jae who brought her lunch. It is expected that they will share a lovely moment over lunch. However, Hyun Jae might have said something that has upset Mi Rah and there may be a fight between the two. On the other hand, Jung Hoo walks into Yu Nah at lunch. He offers her a glass of water and she gives him peanut butter cookies. They will have a conversation about Soo Jae. Yu Nah tells him how much she adores Soo Jae. Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the new episode of their beloved show.

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Our Beautiful Now Episode 20 Recap

The last episode left us with a cliffhanger. The one thing that fans have been hoping and praying for, has finally happened. Yoon Jae kissed Hae Jun. Fans have been shipping this couple for a long time.

Initially, there was some hesitation on Hae Jun’s part. This resistance was because Yoon Jae did not know that it was Hae Jun who sabotaged his entrance into the dating show.

However, the cutest thing happened after their kiss. Both of them were very awkward as neither knew what to do after a kiss.

Meanwhile, we see Min Ho has gone to visit his biological parent’s gravesite. Kyung Soon realizes that Kyung Chul was left alone. Kyung Chul was left alone to his devices while the children had gone to visit the gravesite.

Our Beautiful Now Episode 21 Characters

Our Beautiful Now Episode 21 Release Date 
Our Beautiful Now Episode 21 Release Date

The series revolves around the lives of three brothers.  

The middle brother is Lee Hyun-Jae. He is portrayed by Yoon Si-Yoon. He is an excellent divorce lawyer. Naturally, he is a workaholic and his work keeps him busy all the time. His love interest in the show is Hyun Mi-Rae. The very talented Bae Da-Bin portrays this role.

 Hyun Mi-Rae works as a VIP personal shopper. She wanted to file for an annulment of her marriage. The two will form a couple in the show.

Oh, Min-Suk plays the oldest brother Lee Yoon-Jae. He has worked as a dentist in his own dental clinic for the past 5 years. He is an excellent doctor and has a good reputation among his patients. Shin Dong-Mi plays the role of his patient and future love interest Sim Hae-Joon.

Coincidentally, she also works in the same law firm as Yoon-Jae’s brother.

Seo Bum-June plays the youngest brother Lee Soo-Jae. He is studying for his exam to become a public officer while also working part-time to pay his bills. He meets the lady of his dreams while doing his part-time job. Choi Ye-Bin portrays the character efficiently. Na Yoo-Na came to Seoul to achieve her dream of becoming a patissier. 

Where To Watch Our Beautiful Now Episode 21?

The new episode of Our Beautiful Now will be aired on the KBS2 channel on the weekends at 8 pm Korean Standard Time. Koreans can enjoy the show on that channel. In the USA and Canada, the new episode will be aired on Kocowa TV at 7 am Eastern Standard time. You can also watch it on Kissasians.

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