Ousama Ranking Episode 12 Release Date And Plot

Anime series attract lots of audiences from all over the world. Fuji TV has been giving us incredible anime for more than a decade. This channel has been entertaining many viewers for a very long time. With another entertaining anime series, Fuji TV is back. Yes! You should not think twice before watching it, it is definitely very entertaining. Ousama Ranking is an anime series with a perfect and phenomenal blend of fantasy along with comedy, and this shows the coming of age of the main protagonist. This anime series not only got good reviews from the audience but also a good rating of 9.2 out of 10 by IMDb. So add this series to your watch list if it is not added yet. Let’s read an article about Ousama Ranking.

A Japanese Manga series Ousama Ranking, written by Sōsuke Tōka whereas the series is published by Echoes and Enterbrain. In May 2017, the Manga series was published in the magazine Manga Hack. Till present, there are 12 volumes of the Manga series. An anime series is adapted from this Manga series, which is directed by Yōsuke Hatta and Makoto Fuchigami and Megumi Inoue, Maiko Okada, and Kazuki Oshima produced the anime series. Taku Kishimoto is the penman of the series whereas Funimation and Medialink give license to the series. On October 15, 2021, the first episode of the Anime series premiered on Fuji TV. Ten episodes have already premiered on Fuji TV. If you want to know when episode 12 of the series will be released then read this article to know. When will Episode 12 be released? How many days are left for episode 12? 

Ousama Ranking Episode 12 Release Date

As we are already aware that till episode 10 the series has already premiered on Fuji TV, and audiences are waiting for any further updates for the release of further episodes. However, there is some expected release date of episode 12 of the series. So hold your breath of course it is going to be released very soon, in December. The wait is finally over, the episode 12 of the most awaited series will be released on December 30, 2021, only on Fuji TV. Yes! You must be happy after reading this content if you are into this anime series. Only a few days are left until December 30, 2021. So let’s hold back a little more. 

Ousama Ranking Episode 11 Recap

Ousama Ranking Episode 12 Release Date
Ousama Ranking

The interesting plot of the series not only attracted Japanese audiences but also fans of the Anime series from all over the orb. As always this anime series is worth watching, you will be unable to take your eyes off it. Because this series shows the beautiful blend of fantasy and comedy together. So the story of the series revolves around a prince named Bojji, who is not physically strong, a powerless prince, deaf, and also cannot deal with the children’s sword. He had a dream to become a powerful king of the world. But the people around him never supported him and also mutter about him that he is incompetent to become a king. But Bojji wants to prove himself.

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Ousama Ranking Episode 12 Expectations

There is nothing to talk about the story of Ousama Ranking episode 12 yet because any twist and turn can happen in episode 12. So we have to wait a little more to know the plot of episode 12. 

Ousama Ranking Episode 12 Characters

Ousama Ranking Episode 12 Release Date
Ousama Ranking

This series is also popular because it has an amazing group of characters, and it made it one of the trending series. The characters of the series are Bojji(the main protagonist); Kage; Daida; Hiling; Domas; Bebin; Apeas; Dorshe; Bosse; Hokuro; Desha; Magic Mirror; Shiina; Despa and a number of other characters. You should definitely try this anime series and yes! You are not going to regret watching it.

Ousama Ranking Trailer

Is there any teaser of episode 12 yet? So no, there is no official version of episode 12 released until now. But of course, it will be released very soon as the release date of the episode is around the corner. Fans of the series are eagerly waiting for any teaser and updates about episode 12 of the anime series. But there is not any update other than the release date. However, you can watch Ousama Ranking on various online platforms.

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