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Outback Truckers Season 10 Release Date Announced?

Outback Truckers is an Australian factual television series that was first released on October 18, 2012, and still continues even after 9 years. It, mainly, focuses on selected drivers and famous personalities and shows the problems which are tackled by some sectors which also implies that it looks at the Australian road- transport industry.

The show has won the hearts of the fans which implies the fact that the show ran continuously for consecutive 9 years. Even the fans of the show have given amazing ratings to the show on various online platforms. When the show was first released, it became a major success. Fans went crazy over the show since the plot was unique for that time.

Outback Truckers Season 10 Release Date

Outback Truckers Season 10 Release Date
Outback Truckers

Since the 9th season of the show has ended already, fans are now desperately waiting for season 10. If you are one of these fans, you clicked on the right article. Keep reading this article till the end to find out everything about the show.

The makers have not yet announced the next season of the show. Yes, you read it right. It has not been announced yet. However, according to us, it might be renewed soon by the makers as fans are crazy about this show. Looking at the popularity of the show, even the makers won’t want to cancel such a successful show. As soon as there is any information about the renewal status of the show, we will inform you at the earliest. 

SeasonsRelease Dates
Outback Truckers Season 1 Release Date 18 October 2012
Outback Truckers Season 9 Release Date 4 May 2021
Outback Truckers Season 10 Release Date Not Announced Yet
Outback Truckers Season 10 Release Date

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Outback Truckers Season 10 Story

The plot of the show revolves around Richo who owns a fleet of monster trucks. This is where all the problems start. He has to get the convey halfway across Australia to the desserts. Then the other characters are Clare and Mark who are a trucking couple. They complete one of the longest country supplies that run across the world. Every six weeks, they try to drive at the same as the circumference of the Earth.

No more spoilers now! If you are interested to know what happens next or what are the problems they have to face, you will have to watch the show. This show will be worth your time as you would really enjoy this.

Outback Truckers Season 10 Cast

Outback Truckers Season 10 Release Date
Outback Truckers Season 10

The popular faces who have appeared on the show are Carl Andrews, Brett Robin, Bob Fraser, Amanda Kendall, Chris Ferris, Damo Callan, Dion Fisher, Sonya Wise, Noelene Turner, Sharon Collins, Mike Hoath, Ross Carrigy, Yogi Kendall, Shui Evans, Paul ‘Blinky’ Cunningham, Leanne Brewer, Jason Ackroyd, Mark King, Joey Granich and many more. In July 2017, one of the cast members called Sonya Wise died. She, along with her husband featured in season 3 of the show. Another cast member called Noelene Turner also died and left her husband Bluesy. Even Dougal Brett died when his helicopter crashed. The cast of the show has really done a great job and it would be difficult not only for the fans but also to imagine some other faces instead of these actors.

Outback Truckers Season 10 Trailer

As season 10 of the show is not renewed yet, there is no trailer available for the same. We tried to find the trailer for season 9 or other previous seasons. However, we were not able to find out. We are really sorry that we can’t find the trailer for the same. However, we hope you must have gotten an idea about the show by reading its plot. Even if we are not able to find the trailer for the show for all our readers, the show is really amazing.

Where to Watch Outback Truckers Season 10

In case you are interested to take a look at this amazing show, you can watch it on either Amazon Prime Video or Netflix. The fact that the show is available on both leading platforms shows its popularity of the show. It’s a must-recommended show for all the readers. You would really enjoy this wonderful show. It’s time for us to say goodbye to all the lovelies who were reading this article. Let us know what you all think about this show in the comment box.

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