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Pagan Peak Season 3 Release Date: Arrived?

Based and inspired by the Danish Swedish series called Broen, Pagan Peak is an Austrian German television drama about crime. The first season of this gripping series was premiered on 25 January 2019 and did come back with another season. Created by Cyrill Boss and Philipp Stennert, they were also the writers and directors. With a striking IMDB rating of 8/10, the series is a sum of 16 episodes through 2 seasons. With approximately 45 minutes of running time per episode, fans are keen to know the details surrounding the arrival of season 3 and whether the strong roles of Ellie and Gregor shall be reprised.

Pagan Peak Season 3 Release Date

There is no official declaration about the season 3 renewal of Pagan Peak Season 3. The fans have been hooked upon their update bars upon this series for the crime and mystery are already invigorating, adding to the ending of season 2, there is a positive assumption about the return of the season 3.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Pagan Peak Season 1 Release Date25 January 2019
Pagan Peak Season 2 Release Date21 January 2022
Pagan Peak Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Pagan Peak Season 3 Release Date

Pagan Peak Season 3 Story

Pagan Peak Season 3 Release Date
Pagan Peak Season 3

When the corpse of a man was found near a mountain around the Austrian German border, turmoil was raised in the lives of the officers who had to investigate it. The crime had taken place on the border thus, both countries had an equal role in investigating the course of actions and conclusions. However, the German officer Ellie was rather forced to meet her Austrian counterpart, who in fact, was rather not interested in the crime. So much that he didn’t even want to look at the corpse. As the story unfolds and the investigation continues, this crime thriller mystery left the fans wanting more. However, you would be very surprised to know the way seasons one and two have ended. Providing those facts, it would be really interesting to assume the future plotline of season 3, which until now doesn’t have a single hint upon what the season might hold.

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Pagan Peak Season 3 Cast

Season one and two of this crime mystery series had an absolute mind-blowing cast and line-up. That we can’t resist thinking if there is a season 3 what new additions are going to swoon away our minds. As of now, we lack details regarding the reprising of roles or newer additions as there is no official announcement regarding the release of a season 3. However, we would love to inform you about the older cast who have made the series an interesting topic of discussion it is.

Julia Jentsch

The lady protagonist playing the role of the female investigating officer from the German side, Julia Jentsch is best known for her role as Sophie Scholl in the Final Days. She is a German actress with many accolades including Silver Bear, European Film Award, and Lola. Her role as Ellie Stocker gained a huge hype and shall be cherished.

Franz Hartwig

The male protagonist of the crime mystery series, Franz plays the role of the Austrian investigating officer Gregor Ansbach. He is also a German actor who is well known for his work and conviction in A Most wanted man, Pagan Peak, and Dark.

Pagan Peak Season 3 Trailer

Pagan Peak Season 3 Release Date
Pagan Peak Season 3

As far as seasons 1 and 2 are concerned the trailer and episodes are released and are streaming on the official platforms. However, the absence of certain official announcements makes us sad to inform you that there is yet no update about the release of an official trailer of this crime mystery thriller series.

Where to Watch Pagan Peak Season 3?

The crime mystery thriller drama series is available for streaming on Topic. AS far as the subscription is concerned, Topic provides a 7-day free trial after which you have to get subscribed. Seasons 1 and 2 are also available on the American Disney plus and Amazon platforms. We shall be letting you know, upon the release of season 3 where to stream.

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