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Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 13 Release Date Out For The Fans!

Anime series have delved into several genres and have received a pretty good response from the fans. When we talk about the genre it has delved into, anime has also involved itself in medical content, and Parallel World Pharma is one of them. This series consists of a very unique story that is very engaging and has grabbed a lot of attention for all its aspects be it characters, visuals and story.

Parallel World Pharmacy anime is an adaptation of the novel series which was further adapted into light novels and manga all written by Liz Takayama and all of them are running successfully till now. The anime has been directed by Keizo Kusakawa and written by Wataru Watan and was released on July 10, 2022. The episodes received good responses from all the readers as well as the viewers all around the world. Being such a popular series the fans tend to keep themselves pretty updated about it, and we are here to serve the same to all who have been waiting for some updates on episode 13.

Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 13 Release Date

Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 13 Release Date
Parallel World Pharmacy

Episode 13 of Parallel World Pharmacy which all the viewers have been waiting for eagerly is all set to be released. The episode is expected to be released on October 2, 2022. So, keep a note of the date in order to not miss out on the episode and the story further that might take us to something really different. If some changes take place in terms of the release of the episode then we will keep you all updated with the episode, so stay connected.

Name of the ShowParallel World Pharmacy
Episode NumberEpisode 13
Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 1 Release Date10 July 2022
Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 13 Release Date2 October 2022
Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 13 Overview

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Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 13 Story

Parallel World Pharmacy directed by Keizo Kusakawa is based on Kanji Yakutani who was obsessed with developing new medicines so that he can treat and cure people. He was a very renowned researcher. However, his career couldn’t last long as he dies due to overworking but he then finds himself being reincarnated into another world in a noble and famous family as Pharma De Medicis. He understands that he has been given another chance by the God of Medicines named Panactheos. He even has all his knowledge about medicine intact which he decides to use in this new world which is medieval so that he can treat people as well as fulfill his dream and his passion and love for medicine.

Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 13 Characters

Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 13 Release Date
Parallel World Pharmacy

The medical anime series Parallel World Pharmacy has a few unique and interesting characters who make the story so much more enjoyable. The characters include Pharma De Medicis who is a young boy of 10 and a reincarnation of a character named Kanji Yakutani. Kanji was a renowned medical researcher at T University and has given the world several medicines and cures to fight against any sickness. His obsession landed him to get a heart as he overworked himself but then he gets reincarnated in the De Medicis family which is known as a noble family in the medieval world he has come into.

Eleonore Bonnefoi also called Ellen is his personal tutor of Pharma and helps him to fulfill his dreams.

Charlotte Soller also known as Lotte is a maidservant in the De Medicis family and also the childhood friend of Pharma who will be seen to work as a clerk in a pharmacy for him.

Empress Elisabeth II is the one who rules San Fleuve Empire. She was saved by Pharma from an incurable and untreatable disease and in return, she honors the family and also gives him permission to open his own pharmacy which is his dream.

Bruno De Medicis

Pharma’s father who holds several important positions was always doubtful about Pharma and thought that he will turn out as a demon but when he proves himself then Bruno became his strong ally.

Salomon who was an inquisitor and then turned to be an archbishop in the Empire was also against Pharma and Believed the same as Bruno but after seeing his capability has become closest to the family.

Blanche de Medicis is Pharma’s younger sister whom Pharma healed as well and finally,

Camus De Sade who used to be a pharmacist and Bruno’s friend was banished from the empire and his art because of his amoral nature and experiments which included living human subjects putting them in danger.

Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 13 Trailer

As of now, no trailer has been released on the soon-to-be-released episode and the makers generally do not share trailers or teasers of the episodes as such. However, if you are interested to watch the trailer of the series in general and would like to know more about the series through visual images then you can watch the trailer on the Anime Universe YouTube channel and on the YouTube channel of Crunchyroll Collection.

Where To Watch Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 13 Online?

To watch the new episode which will be released soon, or to watch the series in general as you have developed some interest after reading the story and watching the trailer then log on to your Netflix account now and add the series to your list because the series is available there. You can also watch the series on Crunchyroll, Disney+, and Roku. You have got a lot of options to choose from, so, choose your preferred one now and enjoy the series.  

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