Paranoia Agent Season 2 Release Date Updates!

Paranoia Agent is one of the most famous anime series ever since the ages. The Japanese series has been an amazing psychological thriller. The series has been created by Satoshi Kon and produced by Madhouse. The series brings us to a mysterious turn of events when we see an anonymous attacker going around assaulting people around the town. The series goes around an investigation to find the culprit behind all this nuisance. The anime series gives us an excellent blend of mystery, supernatural elements, and psychological thriller that has been enjoyed by the whole anime fan community. Here’s what we know about Paranoia Agent Season 2 Release Date.

Paranoia Agent Season 2 Release Date

Paranoia Agent Season 2 Release Date
Paranoia Agent

Paranoia Agent is an anime series that people have anticipated for a long time. The series was released on February 3, 2004. The series was super famous because of the theme, genre, and other factors that kept the series going. The series gives us 13 episodes and concludes in the same year May. The fans have actively asked for a new season as they believe that show has been left on a cliffhanger.

But unfortunately, the series remains on hiatus for 12 years with only one season of the series. Some believe the series has already come to an end yet some choose to believe the opposite. There have been no updates or announcements made regarding the release of the series. The fans patiently wait for more updates that are in quite near the unknown future.

Name of the ShowParanoia Agent
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreMystery, Thriller
Paranoia Agent Season 1 Release Date3 February 2004
Paranoia Agent Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Paranoia Agent Season 2 Overview

Paranoia Agent Season 2 Story

The story gives off very spooky vibes. The plot begins with the introduction of a character designer, Tsukiko Sagi, who has created a pink dog named Maromi. The character then gets sudden attention and becomes popular all of the sudden. The character has been loved by everyone. The whole country knew about it and now it was Tsukiko who was facing a problem.

After creating something so big, the girl falls into intense stress to outdo her creation. One day, when she walks home at the night, she finds herself attacked by someone very mysterious. The attacker looks like an elementary school boy. The detectives of this case, Keiichi Ikari and Mitsuhiro Maniwa, at first do not believe the creator and seems to think that the girl is saying anything to draw attention. But once more victims start coming out, they take the case seriously.

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After continuous search and investigation, they find the attacker, named Lil’ Slugger. He is blamed for all the attacks that are gone in the recent highlights. But when the victims were asked to identify the attacker, they couldn’t. They never say the attacker’s face. All the details that they remembered about the attacker are the golden inline skates that he wore, a baseball cap that covered up his face, and a bent golden baseball bat that attacked as his weapon.

Paranoia Agent Season 2 Cast and Characters

Paranoia Agent Season 2 Release Date
Paranoia Agent Season 2

Tsukiko Sagi (voiced by Mamiko Noto): Tsukiko is one character designer and the person with whom the series begins. Tsukiko has received attention with her very famous character Maromi, the pink dog. She is also one of the first victims of Lil’s Slugger. We later get to see many things that happen around her that in the end round up the plot with an understanding psychologic manner.

Lil Slugger (voiced by Daisuke Sakaguchi): This character remains mysterious tell the very end of the series. He is the attacker who goes around and has attacked so many people around the town. 

Keiichi Ikari (voiced by Shozo Iizuka): one of the detectives who looks after the inline skater attack case. He follows up on the case once the attacks start. He helps Tsukiko in finding the attacker.

Paranoia Agent Season 2 Trailer

The anime has gained a lot of fans from different generations. The demand for the release of the second season has been increasing as we see a growth of fans and viewers of this series. But as mentioned before, the series has been put to a halt that seems to be indefinite. Till then, there is no trailer for the second season until there is any release information for the season.

Where to Watch Paranoia Agent Season 2 Online?

Paranoia Agent has set out a fundamental of the mystery and thriller to the Japanese anime industry. The series has provided fans with an intense plot that has been quite difficult to forget. However, the fans seem to be disappointed since the series has been left with a cliffhanger. But the return of the series with a second season seems to be a difficult task at the present with no announcement made. 

If we ever get a second season, you must rewatch or watch the first season if you haven’t seen it yet. The first season of Paranoia Agent is available on Crunchyroll. You can find all 13 episodes of the season.

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