Pasion De Gavilanes Season 3 Release Date Update

Pasion De Gavilanes is a Colombian telenovela written by Julio Jimenez and produced by RTI Columbia along with the Telemundo network and Caracol TV. The series has 2 seasons with 259 episodes in total with a run time of 42 to 45 minutes. After the release of the second season, the fans are desperately waiting for the third season of Pasion De Gavilanes. So, we will try to cover everything we know about the third season in the article.

Pasion De Gavilanes Season 3 Release Date

Even with the popularity of the series, there is no announcement regarding the third season of Pasion De Gavilanes, whether it’s going to be renewed or not. So, there is no official release date for the third season of Pasion De Gavilanes to this date. Considering the responses from the fans there should be a third season of the Pasion De Gavilanes. But we can only wait for the announcement to be made by the producers of the series. We will inform you all as quickly as we will get any new information related to the topic.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Pasion De Gavilanes Season 1 Release Date21 October 2003
Pasion De Gavilanes Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Pasion De Gavilanes Season 3 Release Date

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Pasion De Gavilanes Season 3 Story

Pasion De Gavilanes Season 3 Release Date
Pasion De Gavilanes Season 3

Pasion De Gavilanes is an interesting story of love and revenge. Bernardo Elizondo is the owner of a hacienda, where he lives with his wife, Doña Gabriela, their daughters: Norma, Jimena, and Sara, Norma’s husband: Fernando Escandón, and his father-in-law, Don Martín Acevedo, used to be a military man who is paralyzed. Norma and Fernando’s marriage was arranged by Doña Gabriela to hide that Norma had been a rape victim, but the marriage is only for name and has not been consummated, because of her trauma. Apart from that, Gabriela is in love with Fernando, and to get close to him she forces her daughter to marry him. Although Bernardo is in love with Libya Reyes, a humble young woman, he knows that he could not marry her, due to despotic woman and old-fashioned thinking of Gabriela, she would never give him a divorce. After a series of events when she arrives at the Elizondo house, Doña Gabriela humiliates and despises her family. Libya flees desperate and ends up committing suicide by jumping off a bridge. When the Reyes brothers find out everything, they swear to avenge the death of their sister and so on this is the story for the first season.

The second season Takes place 20 years after the first season, and the Reyes and Elizondo family will face new challenges that threaten their family. The death of a teacher shakes the family as evidence points to one of the sons of one of the couples as the possible culprit, triggering a series of dire events that will once again put their love and loyalty to the test. As you have seen the first and second seasons take place at different times so we can’t be certain about what the story of the third will be?

Pasion De Gavilanes Season 3 Cast

The cast for the first two seasons of the series are Mario Cimarro in the role of Juan Reyes Guerrero, Danna Garca in the role of Norma Elizondo Acevedo, Juan Alfonso Baptista in the role of Oscar Reyes Guerrero, Paola Rey in the role of Jimena Elizondo Acevedo, Natasha Klauss in the role of Sara, Elizondo Acevedo Zharick León in the role of Sarita Rosario Montes, Bernardo Flores in the role of Juan David Reyes, Camila Rojas in the role of Muriel Caballero, Juan Manuel Restrepo in the role of León Reyes, Sebastián Osorio in the role of Erick Reyes, Yare Santana in the role of Gaby Reyes, Jerónimo Cantillo in the role of Andrés Reyes, Alejandro López in the role of Demetrio Jurado. Germán Quintero in the role of Martn Acevedo, Kristina Lilley in the role of Gabriela Acevedo de Elizondo, Boris Schoemann in the role of Pablo Gunter, Katherine Porto in the role of Romina Clemente. The cast for the third season of Pasion De Gavilanes has’ t been released by the official publisher of the series. There will be an update as soon as we get to know about it so keep watching for the updates on Thepoptimes.

Where To Watch Pasion De Gavilanes Season 3

Pasion De Gavilanes Season 3 Release Date
Pasion De Gavilanes Season 3

Pasion De Gavilanes is available to watch not only on Netflix but on Hulu as well. So, if you are interested in the series simply get a subscription to Hulu or Netflix. A monthly subscription to Hulu costs 6.99 dollars per month and for Netflix, it is 9.99 dollars per month in the US (849 Rupees in India).

Pasion De Gavilanes Season 3 Trailer

There is no official trailer for the third season of Pasion De Gavilanes. The trailer of the first and the second seasons of the series is available on YouTube for you to watch.

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