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Patriot Season 3 Release Date: Will There Be A Season 3 For The Show?

Patriot is an Amazon prime original spy comedy-drama that premiered in November 2015. The first season’s remaining episodes were released 2 years later in February 2017. Even though there were such long gaps between the episodes of the Patriot it still got an amazing response from the audience. Two months after releasing all the episodes of the first season, Amazon prime announced that the series will have a second season. The second season then premiered in 2018, November.

The second season also receives a very positive response from the audience. This movie and its characters may be frictional but the director Steve Connaught got the idea about this series from the news. The series follows John Tavner who is an intelligence officer. He is chosen to complete a very important mission which is to keep around from going nuclear. The directions have to infiltrate a piping company and become a part of the travel team which will be tasked to transport the money.

And take the money and give it to a certain person who will use it to elect around’s new President there will stop getting nuclear powers. This simple task got delivering the money becomes complicated over time and stretches the series for two seasons. Nothing goes as planned and John is breaking apart but still manages to get back up each and every time and follows his father’s orders. Season 2 ends with Spike saving John is thought to be dead by everyone. As the story still holds potential for another season will we be getting a season 3 of Patriot? Read below to find out.

Patriot Season 3 Release Date

After a very successful season, fans are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the 3rd season but that is not the case here. The directors made a statement in 2019 about calling off the series “At this time we don’t have a plan for a new season. We are not planning a new season.” The fans were not at all happy with this news and expressed disappointment on Twitter.

The reason for them canceling the series is still unknown and some believe that the series might be revived. It is very possible that we might see a sequence for this series as the producers didn’t cancel it, they were just not planning a new season at that time. So, there is still hope for the 3rd season of Patriot.

Name of the ShowPatriot
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreDark Comedy
Patriot Season 1 Release Date5 November 2015
Patriot Season 3 Release DateCanceled
Patriot Season 3 Overview

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Patriot Season 3 Story

The series currently has 18 episodes had the way they have crafted the plot is exciting. Season 2 ends in such a way that it could be a potential end for the series but we expect more from John. If they decide to launch the third season for this then we can definitely expect some Undercover spy action. The story of season 3 might again follow John as he is given new missions by his father who is the director of CBI. If you are wondering who will be in the cast of the third season read the passage below.

Patriot Season 3 Cast

Patriot Season 3 Release Date

If amazon decides to reive this underrated series, we can expect Michael Dorman as our main character John Tavner. Kurtwood Smith as Leslie Claret, Michael Chernus as Edward Tavner, Kathleen Munroe as Alice Tavner, Aliette Opheim as Detective Agathe Albans, Chris Conrad as Dennis McClaren, Terry O’Quinn as Tom Tavner, John and Edward’s father and a Director of Intelligence, Debra Winger as Bernice Tavner who is John’s mother. We might also see new additions to the Cast as there will be new missions and new faces.

Patriot Season 3 Trailer

You can find the trailers for both the season on Amazon Prime Video and also on YouTube. As season 3 is yet not been announced we do not have any news about the trailer for season 3. As season 3rd is announced we can expect the trailer to be launched 2 months earlier than the release of the series. You can also watch the trailers on the official site of IMDb.

Where To Watch Patriot Season 3 Online?

If you haven’t watched the first 2 seasons of this amazing yet underrated web series then we suggest you do so. As this is an Amazon original Web Series, you will be able to watch it online on Amazon Prime. Both seasons are available on Amazon prime. You will require an Amazon Prime subscription to watch the first two seasons.

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