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Persona Watch Order, Fillers, And Everything We Know!

The Persona collection is primarily based totally on the same-named RPG online game franchise. It’s now no longer each day that an anime’s most important solid is transported to a mysterious international thru electronics like a TV or a cellphone. When they arrive, their unconscious manifests physically, forcing them to confront their darkest insecurities and shameful components in their personalities.

The Persona collection is focused on topics regarding the human psyche. The characters are faced with their worst nightmares, which they have to conquer in an effort to develop as human beings and shape more potent bonds with the ones around them.

Persona Anime isn’t like different anime franchises due to the fact it’s far neither a manga variation nor a mild novel. Instead, it’s far primarily based totally on the same-named online game franchise.

It may be hard to get into the anime due to the fact there is a long way too many anime elements and films to observe. Don’t worry, we have got were given you again with our Persona anime watch order manual, and we’re going to give an explanation for the entirety to you.

Persona Watch Order


We’re assured that in case you comply with our manual on a way to watch Persona anime, you might not be harassed withinside the least. So, this is the proper manner to examine it.

Although you may watch the films in any order you want, we suggest beginning with Persona three Movies. There are 4 movies and a spin-off titled “Persona: Trinity Soul,” which you may skip.

• Spring of Birth is the primary movie withinside the collection.

• Midsummer Night’s Dream, Part 2

• third Film: Falling Down

• Winter of Rebirth is the fourth movie withinside the collection.

• Trinity Soul is a personality (Spin-off)

After you’ve got completed looking at the 4 movies, you may pick out whether or not or now no longer observe the spin-off. However, you may do it later after you’ve got completed looking all the franchises suggest.

There are anime suggestions and a film in Persona four. Persona four The Animation has 25 episodes, whilst Persona four The Golden Animation has 12.

So, as soon as you’ve got completed looking at Persona three films, we suggest you undergo our Persona watch order manual and watch the Persona four anime suggests and films.

• The Animation of Persona four

• 4th personality The Animation’s Golden Age

• Persona four The Animation: The Hope Factor (Movie)

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I. TV Series

• The trinity soul of Persona (2008)

• The Animation of Persona four (2011)

• The Golden ANIMATION in Persona four (2014)

• The Animation of Persona five (2018)

II. Films

• Persona four the Animation: The Hope Factor (2012)

• Persona three: The Movie, Episode 1: Spring of Birth (2013)

• Persona three: Midsummer Night’s Dream is the sequel to Persona three: The Movie (2014)

• Persona three: Falling Down is the 1/3 installment withinside the Persona three collection (2015)

• Persona four: Winter of Rebirth is the fourth installment of Persona three the Movie (2016)

III. Exceptions

Persona Anime

• No One Is Alone in Persona four: The Animation (2012)

• A Brief History of Izanagi and Izanami in Persona four: The Animation (2013)

• Mr. Experiment Shorts: Persona four Animation (2013)

• Thank you, Mr. Accomplice, for Persona four’s Golden Animation (2014)

• THE DAY BREAKERS- Persona five Animation (2016)

• Dark Sun, Persona five Animation (2018)

• Animation Specials for Persona five (2018)

IV. Chronological Order

• Persona three the Movie three: Falling Down

• Persona three the Movie four: Winter of Rebirth

• Persona: Trinity Soul

• Persona four the Animation

• Persona four the Golden Animation

• Persona four the Animation: A Brief Lesson on Izanagi & Izanami

• Persona four the Animation: Mr. Experiment Shorts

• Persona five the Animation

• Persona five the Animation: The Day Breakers

• Persona five the Animation: Dark Sun

• Persona five the Animation Specials


The nice manner to observe Persona is in chronological order. It is really well worth noting, however, that the tales in Persona three, four, and five are pretty self-contained and stand-alone. Their tales are absolutely extraordinary and unrelated, so it is first-rate in case you do not watch them in order.

The order is truly advised so you can preserve the song of the display whilst looking at it. Persona: Trinity Soul is a spin-off of Persona three, so watch it after completing the preceding collection.

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