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Platinum End Episode 11 Release Date Announced!

Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata devised and wrote the manga series Platinum End. In Shueisha’s monthly Jump Square magazine, it was published in English from November 2015 until January 2021. Mirai Kakehashi is one of the main characters in one of my favorite anime series; she attempts suicide but is saved by her guardian angel, Nasse, who not only has vowed to protect him but also bestows upon him special powers because he is one of 13 candidates chosen by different angels to take over the role of God, who will retire in exactly 999 days.

 Viz Media Entertainment is distributing Platinum End in North America. The television series is based on the film, Signaling. Anime MD is scheduled to premiere in October 2021, with the premiere episode airing that month. For more information about Platinum End Episode 11, including spoilers, where to stream it, and other facts, please visit this page.

For the eleventh episode of Platinum End, it’s time.

Platinum End Episode 11 Release Date

Platinum End Episode 11
Platinum End Episode 11

Episode 11 of Platinum End will air on the next day at 6:28 p.m. JST. On a regular basis, every Wednesday. On October 7, 2021, Platinum End has been launched.

Crunchyroll has the eleventh episode of Platinum End. Even if you live outside of Japan, you can watch Platinum End on VRV using Crunchyroll. There are going to be how many episodes total?

The anime “Platinum End” will have 24 episodes and launch on October 7, 2021, as previously announced. The show will release a new episode every Wednesday at 6:28 p.m. JST.

For example, there was one type of arrow that could kill an opponent in a single shot, and another that could make the person it struck fall in love with him for 33 days, but only if the target was not under the influence of someone else who used red arrows. Nasse’s desire is to see Mirai in a happy condition. As it turns out, God candidate Saki Hanakago went to the same high school as Mirai did. Saki decides to assist Mirai in their quest to bring Metropoliman to justice after learning that he is not a murderer. Despite their close bond, Saki and Mira’s friendship was put to the test after Mirai’s parents died and she was ridiculed at school for no apparent reason other than the fact that she is a woman.

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Platinum End Episode 11 Story

Platinum End Episode 11
Platinum End Episode 11

Saki decided to meet with Revel and identify herself as a prospective God candidate after witnessing Mirai’s suicide attempt. The fact that Saki was chosen by Ravel does not change Nasse’s opinion about the angel’s character as a cunning manipulator. The lower socioeconomic classes shunned him because of his past transgressions. Ravel was able to provide Saki with a red arrow and worked relentlessly to improve his rank with regard to his wings. When he lets his guard down, Saki is taken aback and begins to doubt whether he is truly helping her.

Because no other angel had ever shed a tear while conversing with a human before Ravel’s encounter with Saki, God promoted Ravel to the first rank and named him an “Angel of Emotion.” It was Ravel’s duty to satisfy Saki’s wish for wings, and he did just that. Kanade Uryu is on a mission to become God at any cost, and he is willing to kill anybody who stands in his way. Due to Uryu’s grandfather being the headmaster of the prestigious Joso Academy, this is especially true. When he becomes a god, he intends to bring his sister back to life. Uryu had a string of four victories in a row.

Watch the series here on Crunchyroll.

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