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Platinum End Episode 17 Release Date And Spoilers!

Since the lockdown, watching anime has gained huge popularity. People did not know how to spend their time so they took the help of various streaming services. These days, streaming services also provide users with a variety of shows and all. This could be also a reason through which animes received popularity these days. Platinum End is one of the shows and is a Japanese Manga Series illustrated by Takeshi Obata and directed by Hideya Takahashi and Kazuchika Kise. The anime version of the show is written by Shinichi Inozume and will have 24 episodes in total. The first episode of the show was released on October 8, 2021. Masahiro Tokuda has given the music to the show. The show has received praises from the critics too.

Platinum End Episode 17 Release Date

Platinum End Episode 17 Release Date
Platinum End

Since most of the fans are wondering about the release date of episode 17 very eagerly. So, we brought this article to you to give all the information related to it. If you are one of the fans who are waiting curiously to know what happens next in the show, keep reading the article till the last. We are sure you will know everything by the end of the article. The release date of the 17th episode of the show is scheduled on January 28, 2022. Yes, the show will be released on January 28, 2022. There are almost 10 days left to release the next episode of the show.

The series has received immense popularity just within the release of the few episodes. The makers have already renewed the show for the second season. Yes, the show has already got the new season. So, keep waiting until the release date of the next episode.

Platinum End Episode 17 Story

The story revolves around an orphaned schoolboy called Mirai Kakehashi who lives with his abusive uncle and aunt. One day, he tried to kill himself but an angel saved him which resulted in him knowing that his uncle and aunt are responsible for the death of his parents. This is just the beginning. Nasse informs her that God will retire in 999 days and there are currently 13 candidates for his post and he decided to take part in this.

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Platinum End Episode 17 Characters

Platinum End Episode 17
Platinum End

The main characters of the show include Mirai Kakehashi who is voiced by Miyu Irino. His parents have been killed in a car accident and he is been raised by his abusive uncle and aunt. He is also suicidal, in fact, tried to kill himself but Nasse saved him. After a while, he learned that his uncle and aunt killed his family. He accidentally kills his aunt in anger and then, joins forces with Saki. Nasse is Mirai’s angel who saved his life. He grants Mirai three abilities of Angel to make him happy. She has a cute face but sometimes makes a cruel remark. The character has been voiced by Yui Ogura.

Saki Hanakago is Mirai’s classmate and also his love interest. In fact, she is also a God candidate. She leans that Mira has no intention to kill her and then, she joins him. They were good friends since childhood but after the death of Mirai’s parents, his classmates started bullying him. Saki could not do anything to stop them due to peer pressure and she also witnessed his suicide attempts of him. She felt very guilty that even she tried to attempt suicide. M.A.O has voiced this character.

Platinum End Episode 17 Trailer

Since season 2 of the show is already renewed there is still no trailer for the same. The makers will release the trailer for the next season when they are done with the filming and the production thing. They are expected to release the trailer a few days before the release date of the show. However, there is a trailer available on YouTube for the first season. If you wish to watch the trailer, you just need to click on the link given above. The trailer will be played and you will be able to watch it. If you liked the story and the trailer of the first season and wish to binge-watch the full show, it is available on Hulu. The streaming platform also provides a free trial. Let us know your opinion about the show after watching it in the comment box. Happy Watching!

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