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Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 79 Release Date Is Officially Out Now!

Player Who Can’t Level Up is an action-filled fantasy-based adventurous manhwa illustrated by Park Jeogjae. It includes swordplay and magic that will leave you surprised as you see the things happening in the chapters. It started in February 2021 and has been running quite successfully. The story was created by GaVinGe.

As the manhwa is becoming popular day by day, the fans have started discussing it a lot on it and have been curious to know when the new chapters will be released and are trying to keep themselves updated as much as possible. Therefore, we are here to give the details that we have collected in the new chapter. So, keep reading.

Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 79 Release Date

Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 79 Release Date
Player Who Can’t Level Up

The new chapter of Player Who Can’t Level Up that is chapter 79 will be released on September 11, 2022. The release date is not that far and is actually knocking at the door. So, if you have not read chapter 78 yet, then do it now, so that you can read the new chapter fresh without thinking or worrying about the knowledge of the previous chapter. Make sure to set a reminder to not miss the date of release and the story that will be taking place because after all, some major things are going to happen in this chapter.

Name of the ManhwaPlayer Who Can’t Level Up
Chapter NumberChapter 79
GenreAction, Fantasy
Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 79 Release Date11 September 2022
Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 79 Overview

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Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 79 Story

The manhwa illustrated by Park Jeongjae is an action and supernatural story which follows a boy named Kim Gigyu. Gigyu is an eighteen-year-old player who was thinking that he is nearing the success that he has been aiming for but things do not always happen like one wants or hopes it to be. The same goes for him too. He was successful in clearing the tutorial but was still stuck being in level 1. He even killed a goblin which is a big deal but still, things didn’t change for him to be good and he still remained a level 1. After several years he continues to be a level 1. It is unlikely that after so many years and doing so much, the player still happens to be on the same level right? After five years of him working, he finally gets to know his capability and how he can raise his stats. This helps him to unlock his new skills which bring new adventures and shows the world that rank is not everything.

In the previous chapter events that followed Elle’s loss were revealed. It can be predicted that chapter 79 might cover the rebirth of Elle as it was revealed that Elle might be born again by using the feather. To find out what exactly will happen, make sure to not miss the release of the chapter so that you can read the story further and witness the twists and turns that will take place and whether Elle will be regenerated or not by Oppa.

Players Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 79 Characters

Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 79 Release Date
Player Who Can’t Level Up

The supernatural and action manhwa does not include a lot of characters as such currently. The main character is Kim Gigyu around whom the whole story revolves. He is a sword fighter and is stuck on one rank for several years now even after doing so much. The supporting character includes Yoo Sukwoo. He has some extraordinary powers like ice power and elementary power making him one of the important characters that take the story further.

Players Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 79 Trailer

Since this is a manhwa, there is no official trailer as such but you can get visuals of the manhwa easily on Webtoons which have been created beautifully and would definitely make you think that how the anime might look. The illustrations are very vibrant and attractive making the reading experience even more interesting and imaginative. It is colorful and impactful which goes completely with the genre on which it is based. This in fact explains why the manhwa is popular and is being liked by the readers so much. So if you haven’t read it yet, you can definitely check out the visuals.

Where To Watch Players Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 79 Online?

If you want to read this manhwa or would want to catch up with the soon-to-be-released chapter but do not know the place where you can get the access. Let me tell you. The Player Who Can’t Level Up and chapter 79 of it will be available on Naver Webtoons, and Kakaopage. Both of them will give access to all the chapters of this manhwa that has been released yet, so get your hands on it now to not miss any update especially when the date of release is near.  

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