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Pokemon Concierge Season 2 Release Date: Has The Show Been Renewed & Everything We Know!

The Pokemon franchise has finally expanded and it’s up to work on its newest project. The first animated series, Pokemon Concierge is a story by Dwarf Animation Studio. Yes, this is the same studio behind the story of our beloved Rilkkuma and Kaoro. With the Pokemon Company and other studios working on the series, it is getting harder to wait for the release.

The Pokemon Concierge is being directed by Iku Ogawa and Harumi Doki is writing the script and shaping the story of our dreams. The initial season took off to an extremely wonderful start being the first slice-of-life animated series of the franchise.

The initial season receiving millions of views and hours of watching, it has now been rumoured for a second season. we will now cover details about the second season, the prospective release date, the story of what might happen and everything under the banner of it.

Come on, let’s dive in!

Pokemon Concierge Season 2 Release Date

Pokemon Concierge Season 2 Release Date

The Pokemon world is one of the biggest fan-followed franchises and anything new under it makes it highly interesting. The Pokemon Concierge season two has been expected for a while now since the initial season wrapped up. The opening of the first season marked 3.1 million hours and 2.6 million views in just the first four days! Yes, these are just marvellous numbers!

Most people say that they expected better from the first four days but these opinions keep fluctuating. With the holiday season around, the Pokemon Concierge audience seems like they are missing the show. There are many other shows whose watch rates have been way higher than this one and the completion rates are extremely high.

Speaking about the second season, there is a lot expected. As of now, there is no official release date set by the studio. The official renewal status however remains pending and this does not seem very surprising. The show has been on air for just a few weeks and this seems too early to be making any kind of a decision.

While the initial four days might have been slow compared to other series, the makers have yet to measure the overall viewer hours and ratings. Surely it will take them a few more months to give an opinion on anything, the current status seems to be pending. The makers will however make their decision clear in the near future, clearing any doubt we have about this renewal.

We are all expecting the series to be a regular feature show but for now, we are all keenly waiting to know more about the show. The production of such a high-quality stop-motion picture is highly expensive, and the effort put in is visible. Waiting for the show to release has been quite a wait for the audience and thus we have to wait for the approval of the makers.

We can expect Pokemon Concierge Season 2 to be released anytime between the end of 2024 or in the year of 2025.


Pokemon Concierge – A Slice-of-life Series

Pokemon Concierge Season 2 Release Date

Pokemon Concierge is a Netflix series that follows the life of Haru. Haaru becomes a concierge at the famous Southern Island resort, designated to take care of all the Pokemon guests who arrive at the retreat. The series surely steers us in a lively direction that cannot be usually expected by the audience of the franchise. This surely feels like a slice-of-life content away from the battle adventure most expected. The first season aired on December 28, 2023, and this is a huge part of the franchise.

The initial season revolves around the guests and Haru of the resort showing us off the lifestyle of the characters. Following the genres of comedy, adventure and lots of fantasy, this one has become really popular. The theme song “Have a Good Time Here” is sung by Mariya Takeuchi and is very catchy!

The series has a total of 4 episodes and has a runtime of 15 to 20 minutes.

Pokemon Concierge Cast And Members

A show from the franchise has to be super easily adaptable to the one we are familiar with. Pokemon Concierge has a lot of scope to get better and also the cast is highly talented. The lead character of Haru is being voiced by Rena Nonen. The trailer was released a few months ago and this revealed the English and Japanese cast of the show. This includes Okuno Eita, Imani Hakim, Ai Fairouz, Lori Alan, Josh Keaton and also Takemura Yoshiko.

The series is available to watch on Netflix and this surely will appeal to the taste of the audience of Pokemon.


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