Ponysitters Club Season 3 Release Date Updates

The trend of kid’s shows on Netflix has been booming recently which makes fans of Ponysitter club hope it of being released in the new season. They previously ended the series in 2018 and fans and parents along with children have been waiting patiently waiting for the new season. In this article, we are going to discuss the Ponysitters Club Season 3 and everything related to it.

Ponysitters Club Season 3 Release date

Ponysitters Club Season 3 Release Date
Ponysitters Club

Ponysitters Club is a children’s Canadian television. The show is created by Elizabeth Turner and Nancy Yeaman. The series is directed by Justin G. Dyck, Emma Jean Sutherland, and Marco Deufemia. This show is based on the book which is written by Victoria Carson. After successfully releasing season 1 and then seeing its success and then releasing season 2. Both seasons are released in 2018. Ponysitters Club season 1 was released on August 10, 2018, and then the second season is November 16, 2018.  

Now the fans have been expecting Ponysitters Club Season 3 to be released after 4years. It is very regretful to say this there is a very low chance of it being renewed for another season. As there is a huge gap of 4 years from the production the children from the series might have also grown out so it’s very unlikely for the new season to be released.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Ponysitters Club Season 1 Release Date10 August 2018
Ponysitters Club Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Ponysitters Club Season 3 Release Date

Ponysitters Club Season 3 Story

Ponysitters Club Season 3 Release Date
Ponysitters Club

The story depicts a group of adolescents who work on a ranch dedicated to rehabilitating damaged animals to rescue and raise horses and ponies. In PONYSITTERS CLUB, a teenage horse lover rallies her pals to help her care for the horses brought to her family’s Rescue Ranch. Skye’s (Morgan Neundorf) unending love of animals results in especially close ties with the horses who require additional care. Olivia (Maya Franzoi), Trish (Khiyla Aynne), Isabella (Victoria Tomazelli), and Ethan (Zyon Allen) create the Ponysitters Club and volunteer at Skye’s mom, Billy (Madeline Leon), and grandfather (Hugh Wilson). As the Ponysitters care for the animals, they also discover opportunities to show kindness and support one another as they face personal obstacles.

The plot for Ponysitters Club Season 3 if there is any can’t be guessed. So the plot of Ponysitters Club Season 3 is not yet confirmed but if there is any revelation in the announcement of the plot or any information about Ponysitters Club Season 3 will be informed through articles here.

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Ponysitters Club Season 3 Cast

Ponysitters Club Season 3 Release Date
Ponysitters Club

The child cast has done a tremendously good job in making this series very successful. It should be created for their acting skills at an early age.  The main cast consists of Skye Cailan is played by Morgan Neundorf; Shelby is played by Laine Punnewaert; Bianca is played by Diana Chrisman; Hugh Wilson portrays Grandpa; Madeline Leon plays Billy; Khiyla Aynne plays Trish, and Zyon Allen plays Ethan; Olivia is played by Maya Franzoi, and Isabella is played by Victoria Tomaselli.

The recurring Cast consists of Finn played by Kelly Pinch, and Paul Barry is played by Nicholas Mason. If you see the series you will be sure to appreciate the cast for their work in making this children’s show as they might have had a good amount of impression on many kids of their age. They had to balance their school life and also act at an early age which makes them more admirable.

If there is Ponysitters Club Season 3, we don’t know what to expect as the children might have grown off and there might need a new cast for the series or they can even have the same cast and have them show how they have grown up. It is the choice of the director and producers of the series.

Where to Watch Ponysitters Club Season 3?

The production companies of the Ponysitters Club are Brain Power Studio Discovery Kids Latin America. The Executive Producers of the series are Adriano Schmid, Beth Stevenson, and Nancy Yeaman. The run time is said to be 22 minutes. The show was first premiered on Netflix on the original dates of August 10, 2018, and November 16, 2018. On September 5, 2020, the series will have its linear debut on Discovery Family.  It was the last broadcast on Discovery Family in 2021.

Now you can find the series on either Streaming site with a minimum subscription and if interested you can watch the series.

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