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Power Book 6 Release Date, Story Explained, Predicted Spoilers And Cast!

The streaming platform, Starz has been planning towards bringing a new installment within the most popular Power Book franchise.

For the people who aren’t aware! Power Book series is a popular American-based crime drama television series that was scripted and created by Robert Munic. 

The storyline of the series has heavily inspired by the crime thrillers series of books named Power Books.

Well, if you are someone who hasn’t gone through the books and you enjoy watching over reading, then you don’t need to wait for long, as it’s been said that soon we will get to see a new season for the series which has been speculated to the be the new Power Book 6. 

Are you also excited about knowing the release date, cast, and plot details for this upcoming new Power Book 6 franchise? Well, here we have got you covered with everything you need to know. 

Power Book 6 Release Date 

Power Book 6 Release Date 

So, what’s the release date? As we know the entire franchise has been produced and streamed by the popular streaming platform, Starz.

Name of the ShowPower Book
Season NumberPart 6
GenreScience Fiction
Power Book 1 Release Date 6 September 2020
Power Book 6 Release Date Not Announced

Although already we have the previous launched seasons for the series which has been streaming on this platform, here the previous and the last season ended up with a cliffhanger which left all the fans with a new hint that we will get to see a new season for the series someday soon.

Talking about the release date, as of now we don’t have any new updates about what could be the release date! Also, we have reports claiming that the show might have been canceled right after the Power Book 5 series. 

But, don’t worry, soon we will be getting an official update about whether will we get to see a new season for the series with a new set of plotline twists or not. So, as of now, we can say that there is no release confirmed and there are strong speculations that the show can stay canceled now.

What Is The Power Book Series All About?

Suppose you are someone who hasn’t watched the series yet! This is a new Crime based drama television series that made its way to release back in September 2020. The plotline of the series was focused on being the squeal and the spin-off of the previously released Power franchise. 

As of now the series has received two seasons of renewal and also the two new seasons have been released too! And, after the two new seasons now we have the new third season which again got the renewal and will be making its way to release too. 

If we talk about the release date for the third new season, here it’s been said that we will get to see this new season make its release officially on the 17th of March 2023. So, if you are someone who hasn’t watched the series yet but you look like watching Crime thrillers then we would say this new franchise can be something which you should go with. 

Let’s now talk about the premise of the series! Power Book’s Gohst franchise gives its main focus on the character name Tariq who is finding new ways to navigate his new life where he has the desire to shed his father’s entire legacy.

Who Will Be Casting For Power Book 6?

Who Will Be Casting For Power Book 6?

Now, you know that the release date and a small introduction detail what the entire Power Book Series is all about! Now, you might be thinking about who will be casting for this new series.

Well, here we can that the main casting member of the series, Tariq St Patrick will be returning, so Michael Rainey Jr who played his role for this character will be also returning for this new Power Book 6 series

Talking more about the cast, we also have other main cast members like a son of James Ghose St Patrick and Tasha Green-St Patrick will be also returning for this new series.

These are the members of the supporting cast including Mark J Blige who will return for the role of Monet, Berto Color will be appearing as Lorenzo Tejada, then Woody McClain will be making his way to Power Book 6 for the role of Cane Tejada

Besides these mentioned casting members, here it’s been said that we also see other stars like Gianni Paolo, Cliff Smith, Shane Johnson, and Redman who will be appearing for their respective roles of Brayden Weston, David Maclean, Cooper Saxe, and Theo Rollins.

Will We Get To See More New Installments For The Power Book Series?

Will We Get To See More New Installments For The Power Book Series?

As of now, there are no confirmed updates about whether will we get to see any new further installments for the series or not. But, we are confident the showrunners as well as the show broadcaster, Starz network will be officially giving a renewal status to this new Power Book Series in the coming time.  

But, hey! We will have to wait a little longer to see this new confirmation make its way to the public. We shall be making sure to update you first as soon as we get a new update.

And, just like every season for the series, the new upcoming installments for Power Book will also be hired in the Starz streaming platform officially.

But, hey if you don’t happen to have a Starz app or even if you don’t have their membership, don’t go down, here we have got you covered with other alternative streaming platforms where you can watch the series.

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Is There Any Other Alternative Way To Watch The Power Book Series?

There might be a smaller position of watchers who might be willing to watch this new series but they might not be owning a Starz membership!

So, how can they watch it now? As a piece of bad news, the showrunners haven’t made their new series with completing plotlines available to other famous streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, and iTunes for Apple users. However, you can Amazon for purchasing the Starz membership for a way lowered pricing.

Can I Get A New Starz Membership To Watch Power Book Series?

If you happen to move with Starz membership, then currently, you will be able to get the membership for the streaming services whereas with an addon you can also avail activation to Philo by paying an extra buck of $9 per month. 

As of now, the new offers claim that you can buy the Starz streaming platform’s subscription for just $3 per month for three months.

And, the best part here is that you will be able to enjoy many other Starz-produced and other movies and TV shows alongside the new Power Book series.

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Is There Any Trailer Released For Power Book 6?

We have done an extensive search to get the trailer for Power Book 6, but unfortunately, there are no such trailers released for this Power Book 6. And considering that the show has been canceled, there are very less chances to see a trailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any 7th series of Power?

As of now, there is no update about the release of this new 7th series of the Power Book series. Till now, we need updates about the 6th series of the Power series and after that only, the 7th series will be making its way to release. 

Who kills Ghost in Power Book?

Talking about this new Power Book’s series plotline, here you can get to witness the death of the Ghost by his father. So, infact Tariq Ghost was the one who was responsible for the death of the Ghost in the series.

Is Ghost coming back to Power Book?

As of now, it’s been said that the Power Book series will be staying canceled and we might not get to see a new season for the series to make its way to release anytime soon. If the series makes its way to release, we will get to see the release to get confirmed soon, if it does happen.

Is the Power Book series based on a true story?

Talking about the storyline, here it’s been said that the new Power Book series’ plotline is loosely not based on a True Story. However, the plotline of the series comes with a great set of plot twists and more.

Will Power Book 6 happen?

As of now, the Power Book 6 stays canceled right after launching the 5th installment. But, soon we will be updating you if in case, the showrunners finally confirm the show’s official renewal.

What can you do to help in renewing Power Book 6?

However, the plot of Power Book 6 has a lot of interesting plot twists. But if you’ve been hoping for a renewal of the Power Book 6 series, your only option is to start a campaign for its renewal. Therefore, you may go to social media sites and start making demands by utilizing the proper hashtags and tagging.

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