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Pretty Derby Season 3 Release Date And What To Expect?

The second season of House Girl Pretty Derby, which is also known as Uma Musume Pretty Derby, recently came to a close and since then the fans have been wondering whether they will get to see another season of the show. Like the first season of the show, the second season returned and impressed the viewers once again.

It got a very good response from the audience as well as the critics. The show received an even better response than the first one.

The show follows the popular sports comedy genre and it has been produced by Studio Kai. The first season of the show was released back in 2018 and it was loved by the fans. This prompted the production house to renew the show for the second season and it was finally released at the start of 2021.

So when will the show return for the third season of the show? Here are all the details that you want to know about the Pretty Derby Season 3 Release Date.

Pretty Derby Season 3 Release Date

Pretty Derby Season 3 Release Date

The second season of the show was released earlier this year and it was loved by the fans. It had a total of 1e episode to offer and it ended by the end of March.
The second season as mentioned above was more successful than the first one. This surprised everyone as it is very difficult for an anime to do better than the first installment especially when the first one is successful.

The second season mainly focused on Teio and Mcqueen. The second season of the show was better in every sense. It gave us a better storyline and way better character development. Also, the story was elaborated beautifully and we get to see small details and reasons behind the race.

The story was very inspiring and it motivated a lot of viewers. The show even left many people emotional, as the story progressed. One thing that was loved by many was that the side characters also got their chance to shine. The show was overall very good and is definitely worth a watch.

Now, the makers of the show have announced the third season as well. But till now, no release date has been declared by them.

Name of the Show/MoviePretty Derby
Season/ Part/ Episode NumberSeason 3
Season 1 Release Date2 April 2018
Season 3 Release DateRenewed (No Date)

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Will There Ever Be Pretty Derby Season 3?

Pretty Derby Season 3 Release Date

Well, the second season of the show ended and as of September 2021, there was no official announcement by the makers of the show about a third season.
So we have to wait for the official announcement but looking at the release pattern we can expect the third season to be announced by late 2022.

Now the third season has been announced, but the release date will take time to be announced.

Pretty Derby Season 3 Trailer

As mentioned above the second season of the show just ended earlier this year and we will have to wait for a bit to get the official announcement of the third season.
Till then the fans can rewatch the first and second seasons of the show. Also, you can catch up on the manga if you are interested to know more about the show.

The anime is available on Crunchyroll to watch.

Ratings- Pretty Derby

Pretty Derby got 6.9 ratings out of 10 on IMDb. So, check the analytics behind it below in the images:

Google Trends

Pretty Derby Season 3- FAQs

Will there ever be Pretty Derby Season 3?

Yes, the show has been renewed for the third season.

What is the release date of Pretty Derby Season 3?

It is not announced as of now.

How many seasons are there for Pretty Derby?

There is a total of two seasons for this show till now.

Where can I watch Pretty Derby?

You can watch the show on Crunchyroll.

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