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Princess Principal Season 2 Release Date Predictions!

Princess Principal would be a Studio 3Hz and Actas animated tv show set in Japan. Masaki Tachibana directed this show, which was created by Ichirkouchi and featured iconic character models by Kouhaku Kuroboshi and Yukie Akiya, as well as music by Yuki Kajiura. From July through September 2017, the show premiered. Princess Principal: Crown Handler, the very first two installments in a six-part sequel film series, has also been launched. Princess Principal: Game of Mission, a smartphone game, was released in August 2017 and also was playable until December 28, 2018.

Princess Principal Season 2 Release Date

Princess Principal Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of Princess Principal premiered on July 9, 2017, and lasted until September 24, 2017. During September 2017 & February 2018, it must have been followed by the launch of six special episodes. With fans demanding for a season 2, Studio 3Hz and Actas somewhat granted their demands in April 2018, announcing that a six-part film series would’ve been produced as a continuation to Season 1.

The studios first indicated that the films would be released in 2019, but this was quickly changed to a later point. It was recently announced that the first installment of the Princess Principal Movie will be released on April 10, 2020.

Princess Principal Season 1 Release DateJuly 9, 2017
Princess Principal Season 1 End DateSeptember 24, 2017
Princess Principal Season 2 Release DateNot Confirmed

Princess Principal Season 1 Recap

Princess Principal is a steampunk novel based on a fictional kingdom named Albion that is eerily similar to England. The series is set in the early 20th century, when the Kingdom of Albion, having dominated a strange mineral known as Cavorite, develops superior weapons technology and rises to global status thanks to its powerful, fully armed aircraft. The Kingdom, however, is brought to a halt when the proletariat, enraged by the ruling elite’s repressive methods, stage the London Revolt and attempt to overthrow the royal family. After a protracted fight, the opposing teams come to an agreement, and Albion is divided into 2 nations: the original Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth devises a strategy to invade the Kingdom many decades after the London Rebellion. The proposal, dubbed Project Changeling, entails substituting Princess Charlotte with a lookalike named Ange in order for the Commonwealth to surveil on the royal family. While Operation Changeling can be performed off, Princess Charlotte contacts the Commonwealth and proposes to conduct surveillance on the Kingdom in exchange for the Commonwealth’s assistance in her quest to become Queen. This is the beginning of the story of Princess Charlotte, Ange, and a few more girls who operate as agents for the Commonwealth while attending the Queen’s Mayfair Academy.

The crew is led by Dorothy, an experienced driver, and comprises sharpshooter Ange le Carré, a skilled samurai named Chise, and a voice-mimicking expert named Beatrice. In a world full of intrigue, conspiracies, and betrayal, the squad works together along with Princess Charlotte to fulfill their task.

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Princess Principal Season 2 Story

As of yet, the creators of the show haven’t released anything specific details about season two. Due to the increasing popularity of the first season, the company has decided to release the film instead of the second. Followers really shouldn’t expect season 2 any relatively soon, as the show’s creators have expressed no interest in producing another season, but they may return to surprise the show’s fans.

Princess Principal Season 2 Characters

Princess Principal Season 2 Release Date

Princess Principal features a large range of characters, but Princess Charlotte and the other four Commonwealth girls are the series’s central protagonists. The following are among the characters.

Princess Charlotte is a 17-year-old member of the royal family of the Kingdom of Albion. She is the fourth heir to the throne and is the niece of the Duke of Normandy. Princess Charlotte turns sides and volunteers to infiltrate the Commonwealth in exchange for helping her become Queen and reuniting the Commonwealth and the Kingdom. Princess Charlotte is the ideal spy, with her calm and charming personality allowing her to seamlessly blend in with someone without attracting attention.

Dorothy, a 20-year-old undercover student who enjoys drinks, is the commander of the Commonwealth’s spy team. Dorothy McBean was originally Daisy McBean and grew up in a dysfunctional environment. After her mother died of maltreatment at the hands of her drunken father, she switched her names to her mother’s. Dorothy is a skilled driver and gunner who use her attractive charm to her benefit during assignments.

Ange le Carré is a superb spy and a 17-year-old sniper. Ange, who can both tell and detect falsehoods, can shift her persona on the fly and does so to complete objectives. She also has stolen Cavorite technology, which enables her to alter gravity surrounding her and in the things she touched.

Chise is a 16-year-old covert student who has been trained as a samurai and is a master of martial fighting. Although she appears to be a member of the Commonwealth’s team, she is secretly a Japanese agent assigned to keep an eye on the Commonwealth and the Kingdom.

Beatrice is a 15-year-old undercover student who, thanks to her vocal implant, can imitate others people’s sounds. She is Princess Charlotte’s aide and is connected to her.

Where to Watch Princess Principal Season 2?

Using Amazon Prime and HiDive, viewers may watch ‘Princess Principal’ with its Japanese Version audio and English subtitles.

Princess Principal Season 2 Trailer

There is currently no trailer for anything on YouTube. It’s probable that the trailers for the series will be posted simultaneously with the episodes on the streaming website.

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