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Prisma Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and Expected Story

The coming-of-age series called Prisma is one of the most popular shows currently all over social media and the viewers because of its amazing story and cast performance. The series made by Ludovico Bessegato has received amazing reviews and critical acclaim from fans and critics.

The show is not just another sexual-oriented, young group story but also has Italy’s famous film style which changed the film definition that is neorealism which makes it a must-watch series and also famous. Taking everything, we also observed that many fans have been thinking and wondering about the new season which is season 2 of the series. So today we will give you updates on the same and answer everything we know. So, keep on reading.

Prisma Season 2 Release Date

Prisma Season 2 Release Date

The buzzing series of the season that has taken everyone’s attention with its first season is now raising questions in the fans’ minds that when will the second season come. So, we are here to answer that for you all. As of now, unfortunately, no confirmation or announcement has been made by the team or the distributors on the second season or the renewal of the series for the second season. We know that you all want a second season as the series has been doing really great and have been liked by so many people but till now nothing has been announced on the future of the series or its new season which means we will have to wait till anything is revealed. Just stay in touch with us to get all the updates on the series as we will keep you informed about the series and its updates as and when it comes.

Name of the ShowPrisma
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreCard Game, Action
Prisma Season 1 Release Date20 September 2022
Prisma Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Prisma Season 2 Overview

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Prisma Season 1 Recap

Prisma made by Ludovico Bessegato is another new story on gender identities and brings new views in front of the viewers. It deals with the story of two twins named Andrea and Marco. They might look the same but they are polar opposites on the inside and have very different personalities and ways of life. Their outlook on life and their group of friends is also different.

This series is just not about the twins but also comments on sexuality and its norms, and appearances in teens. It also talks about the twins who are trying to find their way in the group they have as friends and the friends are also looking for the same. All of them are trying to cope with life while finding a suitable place for themselves in the evolving and complex world.

It comments and shows the problem of how one wants to be but cannot because of society but these twins try to transition themselves to what they would like to be. The series is meant to be for a young adult audience and has elements of romance and drama.

Prisma Season 2 Story

In terms of season 2, there is no information because nothing has been announced on the release or renewal of the series by the team. But if something is released then we will let you all know at the same time. Till then watch and enjoy the first season and its story.

Prisma Season 2 Cast

Prisma Season 2 Release Date

The cast of the newly released Italian series includes very vibrant actors. The names of the cast in the list include Mattia Carrano who is seen playing the role of twins named Marco and Andrea. Apart from him, the list of actors includes Lorenzo Zurzolo, Caterina Forza, Chiara Bordi, LXX Blood, Matteo Scattaretico, and, Zakaria Hamza. It also includes Riccardo Afan de Rivera Costaguti, Flavia del Prete, Asia Patrignani, Elena Falvella Capodaglio, Andrea Giannini, and Nico Guerzoni.

We cannot say the exact characters or cast members that are going to act in the second season because till now no one knows what will be the future of the show.

Prisma Season 1 Ratings

Well, according to Rotten Tomatoes the show get an audience score of 92% but according to the critics, the show is not that good. If we talk about the ratings on IMDb so, it is 7.5 out of 10.

Prisma Season 1Ratings
Rotten Tomatoes92%
IMDb7.5/ 10

Prisma Season 2 Trailer

Want to know more about the show and want to get a sneak peek? Then what are you waiting for, watch the trailer now? The team and the distributors have released an amazing trailer for the show which will definitely make you want to watch the show.

You can watch the trailer of the series on the official channel of Amazon Prime Video Italia. The trailer will give you all a glimpse that what is waiting for you in the series. So, do give it a watch if you haven’t already, and watch the series too. In terms of 2nd season, no information has been released which also goes for the trailer. But if something is released then we will keep you informed.

Where To Watch Prisma Season 2 Online?

Liked everything that you read and watched till now? Then I am pretty sure that you might be wondering where to watch the series. well, we are here to give you that detail too. The series is available for watch on Amazon Prime Video exclusively. The series consists of 8 episodes. The running time of the episodes ranges between 42 to 60 minutes. So, get your subscription now if you don’t have one to watch the series and see the neorealist technique used in the series with a unique story for yourself.  

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