Queen Sugar Season 7 Release Date, Cast, Story, And Everything!

Queen Sugar is an American dramatization TV series made and chief delivered by Ava DuVernay, with Oprah Winfrey filling in as a leading maker. DuVernay additionally coordinated the initial two scenes. In 1990 while she was graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles Natalie Baszile started writing a book which she named Queen Sugar and it took her about 10 years to complete the text as she wanted. She presented her book to agents in the year 2009 but was rejected. After this, she made a few changes in the book and presented to agents again and was finally agreed on. The book was published in 2014.

Natalie took part in a writer’s retreat where she was asked by one of her friends to read excerpts from the book. Lucky for her the event was also attended by Oprah Magazine’s book editor. She loved the book a lot and mentioned it at the Oprah Winfrey Network management and together they decided to option the book for a television show. So, in the same year 2014 when her debut novel was published was it also signed for a tv show.

This was how our beloved show started and got created. The show was launched to the public in September 2016 and was received with appreciation by the public. The series has still now run for 5 complete seasons and has aired its season 6 on September 6th.

But the love for the show is so great that the audience already wants to be sure that this isn’t the last season and this isn’t the last time they are seeing the whole cast together. They really want the story to proceed and the show to keep going. So, naturally, the speculations around them have already begun about the possibility of a season 7. People are already trying to find cues to know if the show shall still be going on or not. So, if you are here to know about the same, read along and discover all we have collected for you.

Queen Sugar Season 7 Release Date

As far as we know right now the receiving has been good for season 6. All through the figures of receiving right when the show is aired are not as accurate as we all know that with active jobs or households it is not always possible to catch the show right when it is aired.

Many of us watch recorded or saved shows later on. Even after this, the show is showing good rating from season 5. So, a renewal looks possible. But maybe if the show is not able to keep up with this later, we all know that networks cancel the shows that do not have good ratings. Many people speculate that as the show is based on a novel and has been running since 2016 the end might be nearing in but season 6 might still not be the one.

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Queen Sugar Season 7 Story

The show revolves around the lives of three Bordelon siblings and their life after their father’s death. The siblings were born and brought up in rural Louisiana.

The first born is Nova Bordelon. The character is brought to life by Rutina Weasley. She is shown as a brilliant journalist and a social activist. Currently, she resides in New Orleans.

The second one is Charley Bordelon. The character is played by Dawn-Leyn Gardner. She is shown as a working mother living in Los Angeles who later finds out that her husband has an affair.

The third sibling is Ralph Angel Bordelon. The actor to play Ralph is Kofi Siriboi. He is a single parent and is stressed due to unemployment raising the child single-handedly.

All of their lives change when their father dies and leaves in Ralph’s name his 800-acre sugar cane farms. To take care of the farm Charley who is recently divorced due to her husband’s infidelity comes with her so and plans to run it.

The story also keeps in touch with cultural and color difficulties and also the struggle for African American women. This is the reason that the show is widely praised and also won the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

So sit tight and complete season 6 and keep the ratings up so the chances to see the show return are bumped up.

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