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Queen Sugar Season 8 Release Date: When It Is Coming Back?

The series is based on the novel Queen Sugar which is written by author Natalie Baszile, the novel did a great job and many readers loved it and now they are enjoying the series, Queen Sugar, till now it has 7 seasons. The series first aired on September 6, 2016.

This drama series is directed by DuVernay and the executive producers are Anthony Sparks, Melissa Carter, Oprah Winfrey and DuVernay is also one of the executive producers of this series. Fans have been enjoying all the seasons of this series and they want to know whether there will be more seasons of this series or not. So if you want to know about the same thing then keep on track of our page to get more updates on this series. 

Queen Sugar Season 8 Release Date

Queen Sugar has 7 seasons in total and one more interesting thing about this series is that all the seasons of this series have gained so much love and support from the viewers and which is leading to the questioning of the eighth season of Queen Sugar. Fans could have been hoping for an eighth season and there are still many fans who have been waiting for the eighth season, especially those who are still unaware of one thing.

It is already announced by the production team that the seventh season is the last season of Queen Sugar so we can say that there won’t be any 8th season for this series. We could have been waiting for the eighth season if there were no official statements regarding the 8th season but now that it is confirmed that the 7th season is the last and final season of this series there is no point in waiting for the 8th season. But are you going to wait for the 8th season even after knowing all this? Currently, the seventh season of this series is already set on the trending list as it is the final season of Queen Sugar.

Name of the ShowQueen Sugar
Season NumberSeason 8
Queen Sugar Season 1 Release Date6 September 2016
Queen Sugar Season 8 Release DateCanceled
Queen Sugar Season 8 Overview

Queen Sugar Season 8 Story

We are always curious about one thing whenever we like a series and want more seasons of that particular series. And that one thing is the storyline of our favorite series, the viewers of Queen Sugar are curious about the exact thing, and even though most of them already know that there won’t be the 8th season of this series, they still want to know what kind of story it will have.

Well, it is definitely hard for us to guess the storyline as the series is not going to be renewed for the 8th season but if there would be the 8th season of this series then what kind of story would it have? Well, maybe they would continue it from the ending part of the last episode of the 7th season, this is the only possible assumption we all can make right now.

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Queen Sugar Season 8 Cast

Queen Sugar Season 8 Release Date

There is no confirmed cast for the 8th season of Queen Sugar. The overall cast of Queen Sugar includes Rutina Wesley as Nova Bordelon, Kofi Siriboe as Ralph Angel Bordelon, Omar J. Dorsey, Nicholas L. Ashe as Micah West, Tina Lifford as Violet Bordelon, Bianca Lawson as Darla, Dawn Lyen Gardner, Ethan Hutchison, Henry G. Sanders, Timon Kyle Durrett, Dondre T. Whitfield, Greg Vaughan, Tanyell Waivers, David Jensen, Tammy Townsend and many more are there.

Queen Sugar Season 7 Recap

The overall story of the series is about three siblings that have to handle the sugarcane farm of their father who died so abruptly.  The three siblings are already facing so many issues in their personal lives but now that the three of them have another loss what will happen to these three siblings? Will they be able to handle the situation and overcome this hurdle? You can watch this drama series to cease your curiosity.

Queen Sugar Season 8 Trailer

You can watch the trailer for the previous seasons on YouTube and one of the trailers for the previous seasons is attached above, you can check it out too because there is no official trailer for the 8th season of Queen Sugar. The show is already decided to have 7 seasons which means there won’t be any official trailer for the 8th season.

Where To Watch Queen Sugar Season 8 Online?

All the seasons of Queen Sugar are available on Amazon Prime Video, and all the episodes of all the seasons are totally updated there but the 8th season is not at all updated on Amazon Prime Video as the show is not renewed for season 8.

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