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Re Main Season 2 Release Date And Spoilers

Re Main Season 2
Re Main Season 2

 The anime series, Re-Main tells us an inspirational story that shows us the twisted turns of life and fate and how a burning passion can grow despite having major setbacks and obstacles. The anime series has is produced by MAPPA so it is pretty self-explanatory that the anime series is beautifully animated. Even within the vast domain of sports anime out there, Re-Main brings to light a fresh aspect to sports anime with a sport that is not widely popular yet. As of now, the anime series has only 1 season with 12 episodes. And here we will be going to discuss Re Main Season 2 release date and all.

Re Main Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the anime series was very well received and the series has earned a more or less substantial audience. Even though as of now there is no concrete news regarding a new installment or renewal of any sort still a second season can be expected. 

Re Main Season 2 Plot Premises 

Re Main

Reality is often disappointing. One can never know what the future holds, it can be glorious or disappointing. However, no one can never tell what will it be. In the anime series ReMain, we get to witness such a story that tells us the divine game that fate plays with us. And how true passion can find its way to shine even if it comes across multiple obstacles that sometimes seem extremely complicated to handle.

We get to follow the life of Minato Kiyomizu, a young lad deeply engaged with the sports of water polo. He had a deep appreciation for sports but he was never even slightly aware of the fate he was about to meet. Unfortunately, he had a car accident which was an extremely serious one so much so that it pushed Minato into a coma. Minato lost 203 days of his youth to that coma where he was just like nothing but an empty shell with no interaction or connection with the world around him. No school, no friends, and no water polo for him for the entire 203 days.

However, those days weren’t the only thing Minato lost, he lost something extremely important. The important thing was his recent memories. Minato after waking up from the deep slumber of the coma found that all of his journeys through middle school are lost, he was unable to recall anything as if nothing has ever happened. This brought a huge deal of perplexity for Minato as after losing so many days to the coma he was all the more confused. However, to make matters worse he has stripped away from something far more precious to him, something he cherished from his dear heart which is his ability and skills to play water polo.

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Even after losing his memories he somehow managed to learn about his past accomplishments in the sport of water polo. After learning about his grip in the sports he decided to get back in the world of water polo after recovering from the accident. But he soon realized the Earth-shattering reality of what he has lost when even failed to perform the basic activities in water polo.

Embarrassed by the towering difference between his old self who was considered a prodigy in water polo and his current self who can’t even follow the basic movements in water polo, disheartened Minato starts intensive rehabilitation hoping to get back to his original life and he decided to gave up his passion for water polo. However, little did he know that his past will flash again back to him. After getting enrolled in the Yamanami High School, he soon recalled a promise he made back in his childhood. This motivated him to walk back to the world of water polo even if we were aware of his lack of skills when it came to water polo.

He joined the school water polo club and started his training in water polo as a beginner. He steadily started training and began learning the ways of water polo from a scratch along with his mates in the club. And while on his endeavor he also found newly formed interests and passion regarding sports. On his journey to again becoming one of the most renowned water polo players of entire Japan, he soon realized that he will also have to recruit new members to attain the required number of teammates. 

Re Main Season 2 Cast

Re Main

Minato Kiyomizu- Yuto Uemura, the Japanese voice actor from Saitama Prefecture, Japan popular for his role as Amajiki Tamaki from My Hero Academia, also plays the role of Minato Kiyomizu from Re-Main. He was born on October 23, 1993.

You can watch the whole season 1 here on Gogoanime.

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