Relative Race Season 10 Release Date Has Been Revealed!

Have you ever seen a show where DNA becomes a map for a race and the competition? No, I guess. Then let me tell you that such a show exists in reality. The show is none other than Relative Race.

This show is one of my fan favourites because of the unique concept that I just mentioned above. The participants who are divided into teams try to win a competition where they will be using DNA tests as their way to win.

In this article I will be revealing all the details regarding the show and its future, that is the release of season 10 which all the fans are curiously waiting for and want to know about. So, let’s just jump right into the article.

Relative Race Season 10 Release Date

Relative Race Season 10 Release Date
Relative Race

The reality show which reveals family history through competition is one of the famous shows that has received a lot of positive reviews and acclaim for the amazing showcase of family history in a unique way. It is true that many viewers find history to be a boring topic but when it is clubbed with some competition and reality show elements then any history will find seem fun. And this show is exactly like that. I know you might be now waiting for the date release of the next season.

So, let me take this moment to tell you that the new season of Relative Race which is season 10 of Relative Race is releasing on September 18, 2022. This means that the show is not that far from its release. So, mark the date that I have released just now before everyone else and get ready for the new season, so, that you get more in-depth details about the family but with fun and thrill of course because what there will be competition and the race to win the grand prize.

Name of the ShowRelative Race
Season NumberSeason 10
GenreReality Show
Relative Race Season 1 Release Date28 February 2016
Relative Race Season 10 Release Date18 September 2022
Relative Race Season 10 Overview

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Relative Race Season 10 Story

The show is about helping families who exactly they are. The series is helping in strengthening the relationship of the family in terms of culture, and appreciating each other and their sacrifices. In this show, they get to meet some unknown peers and relatives and play hard to win. It is a competition show where you will find a lot of twists.

The show consists of four teams who go on a long 10-day trip in the US while they are completing their tasks, and explore their relatives who they have not met but still are related to them through DNA. The teams are competing with each other in order to win the grand prize of $50,000. The show will give you lots of things to witness be it fun, emotional times, challenges, history, and excitement. The show also encourages the viewers to participate through fan-voted contests which helps in deciding which team will be at disadvantage.

Relative Race Season 10 Cast

Relative Race Season 10 Release Date
Relative Race

The reality competitive show Relative Race does not have a cast as such. But in terms of cast, the show consists of Dan Debenham as the host of the show. He is the star of the show of course as he manages the show completely and makes it as much interesting and informative for the audience.

The show also consists of Rolexis Delaney, Devin T Dobson, Rebecca Dalton, and, Kyle T. Heffner. The players are divided into teams. For the new season, no cast has been revealed yet. The team makers have not yet made any announcement till now about the new cast apart from the date and the time of the show.

Relative Race Season 10 Trailer

The new season of the show has released its trailer which reveals, what you should expect from the show. The trailer reveals that the show is going to be fun and also reveals the date of release. You can watch the trailer of the new season that is season 10 of Relative Race on BYU.TV.Org. So watch the trailer to get prepared for the new season.

Where To Watch Relative Race Season 10 Online?

If you want to experience something new and have become interested in this show after reading about the show above, then let me give you the last few details left for the show and this article. The show currently consists of 9 seasons in total and is all set to release its 10th season. You can watch the show on BYU TV. Org. The show consists of 90 episodes in total. So, if you haven’t watched the show yet and want to watch it, then you have quite a lot of time to catch up on the show and its episodes before the new season has been released.

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