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Reply 1988 Season 4 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

The reply is one of the most-watched series in South Korea. All the three-season of Reply named Reply 1997, Reply 1994, and Reply 1988 respectively were blockbusters on the Korean Series chart. But what about Season 4? Are the directors of the show ready to renew the most famous series once again? Or was season 3 the last one? Find out more in the article below.

Reply 1988 Season 3 Recap

Shin Won-Ho directed and Lee Woo-Jung wrote Reply, a South Korean television series. The three seasons of the ‘Reply’ series follow non-linear storylines that shift across time and center on a group of friends as the timeline shifts between their past and present selves.

The cheery Deok-sun, the irritated Jung-hwan, the clown Dong-ryeong, the innocent baby Sun-woo, and the restrained Choi Taek star in the drama ‘Reply’ from 1988.

This drama alternated between focusing on the teenagers and their parents. It details their adolescent fight to overcome challenges that any adolescent can relate to, as well as how they grew up together, achieved success in their own lives, and shared great memories.

Reply 1988 4 Story

Reply 1988 Season 4
Reply 1988

‘Reply 1997’ is set in Busan in 2012, when six friends reunite for a reunion. They’re all 33 years old, and they haven’t seen each other in years. Sung Shi-Won, played by Jung Eun-Ji, is a die-hard fan of the H.O.T. boyband from the 1990s.

Yoon Yoon-Je, played by Seo In-Guk, was her childhood closest friend and has been in love with her for a long time but has never managed to communicate his feelings. The plot shifts back and forth as the gang recalls their time as a group of 18-year-olds in 1997. The story comes to a close with a mysterious pair announcing their marriage. The couple is exposed towards the end, but the plot twists and turns to keep us guessing throughout.

Six university students from different locations of South Korea dwell in a single boarding home in Seoul in this novel. The boarding house is run by a lovely couple with a lovely daughter. The movie then jumps back and forth between 1994 and 2013, with the audience guessing who among the six friends will end up with the daughter.

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The narrative of five friends who grew up in the same neighborhood is told in ‘Reply 1988.’ They all have very diverse personalities and familial origins, but as they prepare to confront the hard world ahead, they find each other to rely on. The story then shifts back and forth, narrating their adventure in a classic ‘Reply’ manner.

The ‘Reply’ series has had a significant impact on popular culture in South Korea. The series was able to capture the amazing spirit of the 1990s in particular. ‘Reply 1997’ had a modest start in terms of audience, but it quickly rose to prominence as word traveled about its high-quality production and script.

‘Reply 1994’ became one of the most popular Korean dramas ever on television. ‘Reply 1988’ was also well-received, becoming the second-highest-rated Korean drama in television history. The ‘Reply’ series reintroduced the initial wave of Korean bands who were responsible for igniting the worldwide K-Pop phenomenon.

Reply 1988 Season 4 Release Date

Reply 1988 Season 4
Reply 1988

Season 3 of ‘Reply,’ also known as ‘Reply 1988,’ debuted on TVN on November 6, 2015, and aired for 20 episodes till January 16, 2016. ‘Reply 1988’ was a major commercial success, continuing the legacy of prior seasons. It won numerous nominations and awards, including the 2016 TVN Award for Best Drama.

When asked about the prospect of Season 4 at a press conference in 2017, director Shin Won-Ho replied that he has not been working on it because he has been preoccupied with other projects. He did say, though, that he would continue to explore and look for the proper topic.

As of now, there is no official word about a fourth season of ‘Reply.’ However, because the director is seeking a new story, Season 4 of ‘Reply’ could be released in 2022. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about the possibilities for the following season. You can watch the all previous seasons of Reply on Netflix.

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