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Reprisal Season 2 Release Date Updates

Hello, welcome again. Today I am back again with another series update. I am hoping you are enjoying your time watching more and more series and movies, releasing every now and then this year. Well then keep watching and kill your leisure time by not being bored but by watching these interesting web series. 

Reprisal is an American Tv series which made its debut in 2019. Networked by Hulu the series has 10 episodes in total with runtime being 41 to 57 mins each. The action crime drama is created by Josh Corbin. The series was filmed in Wilmington, North Caroline. 

The drama indeed did well and won the interest of its viewers. The TV series received a rating of 7.5 from IMDb and a 53% vote from Rotten Tomatoes. 

Now the viewers might be wondering if the season will return with a new season. Or is it cancelled? Well keep scrolling to find the updates and more. 

Reprisal Season 2 Release Date

I will hit the hammer straight rather than letting it hang for long. I am really sorry to inform you guys that the season will not return. The viewers saw the last episode of Reprisal in Season 1. It was officially cancelled and hence there won’t be a renewal. 

The show was called off and Hulu confirmed it further. Madison Davenport reported that Season 2 will not have a comeback. As you might be aware, the season had a fanbase and loyal followers, and count me in as well. But despite all these the season will not make its way unfortunately. 

Now, you can rewatch the series as there is sadly no other options left. 

Reprisal Season 1 Release Date6 December 2019
Reprisal Season 1 End Date6 December 2019
Reprisal Season 2 Release DateCancelled

Why Was It Cancelled?

Reprisal Season 2 Release Date

There is no particular reason as to why the season was called off, if you were curious as per say. 

We only received an official confirmation of its cancellation. The reason behind it is still unknown. As you see, there was no official statement declaring the reason other than the notice of calling it off. 

Shows Like Reprisal

There is no use of crying over the spilled milk. We have to accept the fact that the show is not coming back, no matter how harsh it might sound. So, in order to take away some of your pain. Below I have shared some shows similar to this one, which you can watch anytime you want. 

  1. Homecoming
  2. The Widow
  3. The Rook
  4. The Outsider
  5. Guilt
  6. Upload 
  7. Hanna

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Above are some of the interesting crime thrill action dramas which will intrigue your interest for sure. All these shows are available online ready for you to stream. The shows are available on either of these platforms; Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar or Disney+

Enjoy them folks!

Reprisal Season 1 Story

Reprisal Season 2 Release Date

For my dear web series lovers who haven’t watched the series yet. I will share a short brief for you to read and have a brief idea about the series. 

In simple words the series revolves around a woman who is set on a mission of vengeance against the gangsters who left her to die. 

Her brother and a gang of outlaws tried to murder her. Thinking she died, they are leading a carefree life. Now after several years of her assumed death will they be able to face her? Will she be successful in her mission? Watch this chilling series on your screen.

Reprisal Season 1 Cast

 The season stars; Abigail Spencer as Katherine Harlow, Mena Massoud as Ethan Hart, Rodrigo Santoro as Joel Kelly, Rhys Wakefield as Matty, Madison Davenport as Meredith Harlow, David Dastmalchian as Johnson and others. 

Where To Watch Reprisal Season 1?

The most obvious question. Chill! I am getting into it. You can stream it on Hulu or on Amazon Prime

Reprisal Season 2 Trailer

I have attached the trailer for your watch. You will get other trailers of the same season on YouTube and other pages. Season 2 Trailer is not there. But you will find some other videos stating the reasons for its cancellation. If you’re interested you can definitely watch it.

This is all for now. Go and enjoy the series or the different similar series I have shared. 

Happy Watch! Adios! 

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