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Restaurants On The Edge Season 3: Show Renewed?

Restaurants on the Edge is a Canadian-based reality television show that debuted on Cottage Life in January 2020. Chef Dennis Prescott, designer Karin Bohn, and restaurateur Nick Liberato travel around Canada and the world to assist struggling restaurants in changing their decor and menus.

Chef Dennis Prescott, designer Karin Bohn, and restaurateur Nick Liberato lead the way in restaurant changes that span 10 nations and 13 episodes. Each expert starts on a mission to improve not only the restaurant, but the shop owner’s perspective as well, by tapping into the essence of the restaurant’s surroundings and neighborhood, and by infusing local tastes, flavors, and textures. ‘Restaurants on the Edge,’ like ‘Bar Rescue,’ is a concept show that focuses on restaurants on the edge of closing. Three ‘know it alls’ from the restaurant industry assist the owners and management in regaining their lost aura by establishing a local connection.

Restaurants on the Edge emphasizes developing excellent restaurant experiences by connecting with local people and cultures, with stunning locations and various ways of living. Marblemedia (executive producers Matt Hornburg and Mark J.W. Bishop) and OutEast Entertainment (executive producers Courtney Hazlett and Steven Marrs) collaborated on the film. Rob Brunner and Justin Harding, series producers and directors, and administrating producer Donna Luke collaborated on this project with Blue Ant Media.

Restaurants on the Edge, season 1 was premiered on Cottage Life, a Canadian Blue Ant Media-owned channel, on February 28, 2020, and was then re-released on Netflix; however, season 2 will be broadcast directly on Netflix. The show was a huge sensation in the United States and Canada, and it drew millions of spectators from across the world.

Restaurants On The Edge Season 3 Release Date

Restaurants On The Edge Season 3 Release Date
Restaurants On The Edge

On May 8th, 2020, Season 2 of Restaurants on the Edge premiered globally on Netflix. Dennis The Prescott, Karin Bohn, and Chef Nick Liberato travel to restaurants in Muskoka, St. Croix, Finland, Arizona, and Hawaii to assist failing eateries in creating an experience that matches their beautiful views. Season 1 of the show aired on Netflix in February of 2020. Six episodes made up the entire season. The premiere has piqued the interest of fans who have been following the show from the first season. But Netflix did not renew the series for the third season as of now, so you have to wait till the end of 2022 or 20213 for the official announcement.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Restaurants On The Edge Season 1 Release Date 28 February 2020
Restaurants On The Edge Season 2 Release Date 8 May 2020
Restaurants On The Edge Season 3 Release Date Not Announced Yet
Restaurants On The Edge Season 3 Release Date

Restaurants On The Edge Season 2 Story

‘Restaurants on the Edge’ is a blend between ‘Restaurant: Impossible’ and ‘Love It or List It.’ With ‘Restaurants on the Edge,’ viewers who like any of these shows will be in for a real treat. ‘Restaurants on the Edge’ is a compelling story about restaurant makeovers in some of the world’s most beautiful places, such as Malta, Hong Kong, and so on. These restaurants, although in beautiful locations, are in poor condition.

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The storyline deepens at this point, and the three specialists lead the charge, their mission in jeopardy. We visited Malta, Hong Kong, Tobermory, Costa Rica, Austria, and St. Lucia in Season 1. ‘Restaurants on the edge’ season 2 is a second half of the show,despite the title. It focuses on a restaurant renovation adventure across Finland, Muskoka, Slovenia, and Arizona.  According to the show’s makers, it is more enjoyable than the first.

One of the reasons that this show is a big hit rather than sinking is because of the beauty of its surroundings. The show’s title alone conveys a wealth of information. The restaurants visited by the show are on the doorstep of a spectacular view, but they are also on the verge of financial trouble.

Restaurants On The Edge Cast

Restaurants On The Edge Season 3 Release Date
Restaurants On The Edge

Dennis Prescott, a prominent Canadian chef and author of cookbooks with over 500k followers on social media, Nick Liberato, a celebrity chef, and social media star, and Karin Bohn, a restaurateur and award-winning interior designer, are among the show’s highly gifted cast members. Following the premiere of the first season, these celebrities grew in fame and earned more social media followers. Season 2 is hosted by these three incredibly brilliant celebrity chefs, much like the previous season.

Restaurants On The Edge Season 2 Trailer

The television series ‘Restaurants on the Edge’ is both educational and entertaining. It provides a wealth of useful advice from experts to restaurant owners and aspirants. Season 2’s official trailer can now be seen above.

Where To Watch Restaurants On The Edge Season 3?

‘Restaurants on the Edge,’ a Netflix documentary, turns the foodie in us into an adventurer. The show is available on Netflix, where you may view both seasons.

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