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Is Rita Season 6 Release Date Cancelled?

The Danish comedy Tv series made its hit on Netflix with its new release. It not only awed the audience but also the critics. The audience all around has only one word, “Wonderful”! The twists, the character in general, and the show touched everyone. Rated 8.1 by IMDb, a 4.8 audience vote, this series definitely deserves a watch. 

The Danish show made its debut in 2012. Yes, and this season ran for such a long time. 2020, saw the last season premiere as well. With a total number of 40 episodes, the show rocked. Originally distributed by TV 2 and Netflix, created by Christian Torpe; each episode runs for 40 mins. 

Now, the show which won the hearts of many piqued the interest of thousands, excited a mass. After 5 seasons will the show premiere a sixth? Well, the answer to your question lies here only. Scroll down for updates and more.

Rita Season 6 Release Date

The fifth season began airing on 1 June 2020. The season will make its debut internationally on Netflix on 15 August 2020. This was actually the last time you got to see Rita. Because sadly Netflix canceled the airing of season 6. 

So sorry to disappoint you guys you will no longer be able to see Rita on screen. Tv1 announced that the fifth season will make its way on Netflix. It also announced that it will be the last season. So, it was announced that 5 will be the last installation, after that Rita will not have a comeback. 

Shed your tears guys, move on as I can suggest. Don’t wait any longer. Start streaming the newly arrived shows. And for the ones who haven’t watched the comedy-drama yet, go and stream now. Now, that I have broken the news, so there is no potential plot to discuss right. So let me give you a recap of the last season, for those who haven’t watched yet.

Rita Season 5 Recap

Rita Season 6 Release Date

This season has a total of 8 episodes. Available on Netflix the season made its debut on June 1st, 2020. The character development, dialogue, and the story, in general, can be considered to be head and shoulders above all other previous seasons. 

In season 5, the stars of the Danish are set on a new adventure. New thrill and excitement are running in a small private school. Characters that you missed as in who were not there will make a return in this season. Rita’s cheering and glorifying attitude will lift your mood in a jolt. But a new Holocaust denier appears in the life of Rita and Hjordi. Trouble is in the path of the school. Watch what happens next.

Go and give the season a watch guys, I am quite sure, you will fall in love with Rita. 

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Rita Series Story

Rita is an outspoken, rebellious woman who is a teacher at a high school. No doubt an outstanding teacher at a high school is a total failure when it comes to her life. She feels she chose the profession in order to protect the students from their parents. While she is doing a spectacular job, her life is a mess as her family too is in a state of follies. Also meet Hjørdi, a naive teacher at the same school, also Rita’s best friend. 

Enjoy watching this comedy-drama which actually has a base attached to reality. So, guys don’t miss it! 

Rita Series Cast


Watch Mille Dinesen in the leading role as Rita Madsen, Lise Baastrup appearing as Hjørdis. You will also get to see; Carsten Bjørnlund in the role of Rasmus, Ellen Hillingsø as Helle and many others. 

Where To Watch Rita Series?

Originally networked by TV 2 you can stream there. You can also watch the show on Netflix. But folks remember to subscribe to both.

Have a pleasure watching, while I leave now but will be back shortly with the next updates.

Have a happy week guys and oh I almost forgot, Happy Watch! 

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