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Roadworthy Rescues Season 3 Release Date: Spoiler, Trailer!

In the television series Roadworthy Rescues, Derek Bieri looks for abandoned automobiles from America’s past and restores them to function so they may return to the road. The program debuted in 2022 and consists of two seasons totaling fourteen episodes. On October 25, 2023, the last episode aired. It saw Derek customizing a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am into a Bandit replica. Viewers have given the show favorable reviews, praising Derek’s enthusiasm, sense of humor, and expertise in restoring vintage automobiles. 

Roadworthy Rescues Season 3 Release Date

Since the program’s network, Motor Trend, has been producing it for the last two seasons, the network has not yet given the show a season renewal. The fans are quite excited about renewal of this show! 

Although it is anticipated to be in the works for the time being, fans are now eager to learn more about the title. Roadworthy Rescues is expected to return for a third season by mid-2024, with an announcement about the show possibly occurring by the end of 2023.

The third season of Roadworthy Rescues has not yet been officially announced, nor have the spoilers, trailer, or host information. On the other hand, based on the past seasons, we may make an educated guess as to when the program will return, most likely in late 2024 or early 2025, with Derek Bieri serving as the host and several more celebrities accompanying him on his excursions. The next season, he might be able to save a 1969 Dodge Charger, a 1957 Chevy Bel Air, a 1970 Ford Mustang, and a 1964 Volkswagen Beetle. It should be noted that these are only educated assumptions, and we will need to wait for formal confirmation from MotorTrend On Demand, the streaming service that presents the program.

Roadworthy Rescues Season 3 Plot

For the third season, Derek will return to bring some ancient and abandoned automobiles back to life, but perhaps in a slightly different way. The first two seasons chronicled his travels across America in pursuit of abandoned automobiles, which he restored to working condition. The next third season may include the cars at an advanced age.

Derek may face many difficulties this time around as he will need to locate vehicles that have been treated as long forgotten and have little hope of being revived, given that thousands of automobiles are rotting in various regions of America and hidden in different places

Roadworthy Rescues Season 2 Recap

Derek gathered every antique automobile he restored to working order and divulged all of its history. Derek discussed the key components of an automobile and long-term maintenance options.

Additionally, the host revealed that he would not give up searching for the finest and something unexpected for the audience because he knew that many automobiles were becoming rotten. Derek’s speech concluded the second season. It’s anticipated that the third season would be difficult since some of the vehicles will be in poor condition, but if Derek obtains the necessary components, they may still be able to run.

Cast of Roadworthy Rescues Season 3

The cast of Roadworthy Rescues Season 3 is as follows-

  • Derek Bieri
  • Jessica Bieri
  • Sean Bieri
  • Chris Bieri
  • David Chappelle
  • Andy Lehner
  • Paul Shinn
  • Dan Dosemagen
  • Browder Ledbetter
  • Carlton Price

Trailer of Roadworthy Rescues Season 3 

Till now there has been no official trailer released for Roadworthy Rescues S3. However, it is expected that the trailer may release a week or two before the show goes on air. The show is highly anticipated to release its third season in 2024.

Where to Watch Roadworthy Rescues Season 3 ?

Roadworthy Rescues will be available on the same platform where both the seasons were released that is- Amazon Prime Video


Where to Watch Roadworthy Rescues Season 3?

Roadworthy Rescues Season 3 will release on Amazon Prime Video.

How many episodes are expected to release in Season 3?

Season 3 is expected to have 7-12 episodes. But, the number of episodes are not confirmed. 

Is the show worth watching? 

Yes, the show has a descent rating and it’s worth to watch. First two seasons have gained significant ratings and popularity.

What is the star cast of this show? 

The star cast of this show are as follows- Derek Bieri, Jessica Bieri, Chris Bieri, David Chappelle, Andy Lehner, Paul Shinn and many others. 

When is this show expected to release?

There are no official announcements about the release of this show, however, this show is highly anticipated to release in 2024.


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