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Romantic Killer Season 2 Release Date Might Be Announced In Future!

There are various Japanese anime fans across the world. Japanese Manga has become quite popular and has a very huge fan base. For Japanese manga artists, it is a matter of pride and honor that their Manga is being converted into an anime series.

One such Manga is Romantic Killer, created by Wataru Momose which has been converted into an anime series. The anime series is going to premier this year and the fans are already quite excited to know if there is a second season in the making and when it is going to be released.

So for all those who are looking for some information about season 2 of Romantic Killer, continue reading ahead because we might have some very important insights to give you about season 2 of this anime series.

Romantic Killer Season 2 Release Date

Season one of the romantic killer is going to release on October 27, 2022. The complete season with all its episodes will be released at once. Since the season has not been released yet we do not know what is the running time of the series.

Season 1 has not even been released yet so there is no information available about season 2. The series has not been renewed for another season yet. So we cannot say whether there will be a season 2 or not or when it will be released. So the fans of this anime series will have to wait for some more time because maybe when season 1 is completed, the makers might announce the renewal of the series.

Name of the ShowRomantic Killer
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreRomantic Comedy
Romantic Killer Season 1 Release Date27 October 2022
Romantic Killer Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Romantic Killer Season 2 Overview

Romantic Killer Season 2 Story

The story of this anime series revolves around Anzu Hoshino, a high school girl who all of a sudden finds herself in the most typical bittersweet situation the heroine of a show faces: being chased by the most popular guy in school, romantically. Anzu has no interest at all in romance and wants to stay away from all this mess. But, Riri, a fairy, makes her world turn upside down and becomes determined to play the matchmaker. Anzu on the other hand is feeling miserable and desperately wants to return to her single life, which she has always found very peaceful.

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Although the concept sounds very simple, it is very captivating and interesting to see the life of a girl progressing in a direction in which she never wanted to proceed. The most interesting part comes when in the story it is revealed that all that is happening is a well-devised plan by a magical realm to increase the human population. It is doing so by making one young person attracted to the other, one at a time. Fairy Riri thinks that Anzu is the perfect candidate for this test because she has no interest in romance.

This brief description of the plot must have made you very enthusiastic to watch the first season of the series and many of you must be imagining already how interesting the second season will be! But as we mentioned before that there is absolutely no announcement about the renewal of the season therefore this also means that we know nothing about how the story will proceed if there is a second season.

Romantic Killer Season 2 Characters

Romantic Killer Season 2 Release Date

Anzu Hoshino is the protagonist of the series whose character is voiced by Rie Takahashi. Riri is a fairy, whose character has been voiced by Mikako Komatsu. The character of

Junta Hayami has been voiced by Gakuto Kajiwara. Tsukasa Kazuki’s character has been voiced by Tsukasa Kazuki. Hijiri Koganei’s character is voiced by Natsuki Hanae. Characters of Tsuchiya, Saki, and Manato are voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda, Manaka Iwami, and Hiro Shimono respectively.

Season two, whenever it comes, is also likely to have the same characters but nothing confirmed can be said yet.

Romantic Killer Season 2 Trailer

There are trailers available for season 1. But we do not have trailers for season 2 yet because neither it has been announced nor the making has started yet.

Where To Watch Romantic Killer Online?

Viewers can watch this fun animated series on Netflix. All the episodes of the series will be available on this platform. Season 2 whenever it is released will also be available on the same platform.

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