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Rugal Season 2 Release Date Updates And More!

Rugal Season 1 Official Trailer

Rugal is a Korean television show with a compelling tale that has been well received by its viewers.

Everyone is excited to see what happens in Season 2 and after the success of Season 1. Rugal Season 1 premiered on March 28th and concluded on May 17th, with a total of 16 one-hour episodes.

Episodes of this series are inspired by the same-named television show, and it appears that almost all fans are anxiously anticipating its arrival.

Rugal Season 2 Release Date

Due to the prevailing global crises, predicting the premiere date of the next season of Korean drama Rugal is quite difficult. However, the series’ creators have stated that, after such a positive response to season 1, they will come back with a second season as soon as feasible. If the current coronavirus epidemic ends soon and does not last long, we can anticipate the introduction of this series in the first part of 2022. These are all anticipated dates rather than definite dates, even as writers of this Korean drama have not said anything specific regarding season 2.

Rugal Season 2 Expected Story

Rugal Season 2 Release Date
Rugal Season 1

Rugal is inspired from Rilmae’s webcomic ‘Rugal,’ hence that there was plenty of unique material for season 2.

There are, however, a few signs about where the tale might go in season 2.

To begin with, we know Huang Deuk-gu is still alive; no surprise he will escape prison and seek vengeance on Rugal’s fellow team mates.

Second, we learn that Gi-beom has formed his own vigilante/citizen justice institution and is on the lookout for former Argos members; could he assemble a team? Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we see a gathering of politicians and businessmen contemplating the establishment of a new special ops operation for a brief moment. Is it possible to construct a Rugal version 2 and, if so, could the first task be to eliminate the old team?

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Rugal Season 2 Cast


All of the core and support actors from the first season are scheduled to reprise their roles in the second season of this Korean drama. All of the actors in this show have a sizable fan base and have provided their performances with utmost passion and precision. Some of the well-known actors of this series are Choi Jin-hyuk played the character of Kang Ki-bum, Park Sung-Woong portrayed the character of Hwang Deuk-Koo, Jo Dong-hyuk played the character of Han Tae-Woong, Jung Hye-in played the character of Song Mi-na, Park Sun-ho played the character of Lee Kwang-Chul, Jang In-sub played the character of Bradley, Park Jung played the character of Go Yong-duk, Kim In-woo played the character of Choi-Yong, Yoo Ji-Yun played character of Jang Mi-Joo, Ji Dae-Han played character of Bong Man-Chul, Jang Seo-Kyung played character of Susan, Park Choong-sun played character of Manager Oh, Yoo Sang-hoon played character of Min Dal-ho, Kim Min-sang played character of Choi Keun-Chul, Kim Da-Hyun played character of Seol Min-Joon, Dong Hyun-bae played character of Lee Jae-Han, Han Ji-wan played character of Choi Ye-won, Lee Sang-bo featured as Yang Moon-bok, Han Gi-Yoon played Kim Dae-shik, Lee Seo-el portrayed as Yeo-jin

Rugal Season 1 Story

The series follows Kang Gi-beom (Choi Jin-hyuk), an elite police officer tasked with bringing down Argos, one of South Korea’s most powerful crime syndicates. Kang’s wife is assassinated by contract killers hired by Argos in punishment for his actions, and Kang is blinded and accused for the murders. The NIS later recruits Kang to join a secret elite team known as “Rugal,” whose members are endowed with biotechnology and so have superhuman abilities. Kang sets out to clear his identity and bring those responsible for his wife’s murder to justice after acquiring two artificial eyeballs to restore and enhance his vision. On Sunday, May 17th, the 16-part series came to a close with a season finale that left viewers crying, laughing, relieved, and scared. Fans are now waiting to see whether and when the show will return for a season 2.

Where To Watch Rugal Season 1?

Throughout March 28 until May 17, 2020, the series broadcast on OCN in South Korea as well as on Netflix internationally.

Rugal Season 2 Trailer

Rugal’s season 2 video has yet to be released, but fans could still experience the season 1 trailer, that has already received over 39k views on YouTube as of today. The series premiered on March 28th, 2020, and the Rugal series teaser was launched even earlier. Because the series is offered on two platforms, OCN for Korean audiences and Netflix for global audiences, it is accessible on both platforms. Similarly, the Rugal season 1 trailer is available on both OCN and Netflix. The show’s trailer is also available on YouTube and may be viewed at the top of this page.

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