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Run On Season 2 Release Date Is Still Not Known!

Run-on is a South Korean romantic comedy Television Series aired on JTBC from December 16, 2020, to February 4. Produced by MAYS Entertainment and Zium Content, it is available on Netflix for streaming. Its production was affected severely by the COVID-19 pandemic but still, it managed to get positive reviews from the audience and the critics.

The first episode has the lowest rating with 2.145% in its origin country and the 8th episode has the highest rating of 3.772%. The show has not a very good start but it improved over time and in other episodes. This show has nearly 5 million views making this one of the most-watched romantic Korean Series. The season consists of 16 episodes, each of around an hour and it has 7.6 ratings on IMDB out of 10 and 85% of Google Users liked the show. On Netflix, 195K people have rated the show, and 89% of users liked this k-drama. It has enough potential to make people stream it. Overall, it is a fun and entertaining movie as its comic time is really good.

Run On Season 2 Release Date

The first season was released on December 16, 2020, and the last episode was aired on February 4, 2021. Sadly, there is no official announcement from the makers of the show will return for the next season. Even if it does, we don’t know when it will release.

Name of the ShowRun On
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreDrama, Romance
Run On Season 1 Release Date16 December 2020
Run On Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet (Chances are very low)
Run On Season 2 Overview

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Run On Season 2 Story

This show has beautifully managed to communicate what we as an audience are looking for in a movie. This tells the story of a former sprinter called Seon- gyemon who wants to be a sports agent and Oh Mi- Joo who works as a subtitle translator in movies. Season one ends with Seon – gyeom becoming a sports agent after following his heart for the first time in his life and Yeong – hwa and Dan – ah achieving their goals. Till now, we do not that what will happen in the next installment, so we can only wait till the season 2 release.

Run On Season 2 Cast

Run On Season 2 Release Date
Run On Season 2

Shin Se-kyung will play the role of Oh Mi-joo who is an orphan and works as a film translator. She loves movies a lot and always tries to find a deep message in the movie. I’m Si-wan will be seen as playing Ki Seon- gyeom who is an athlete. He grew up without any social interactions as his parents were busy and his only sibling was not his companion.

The CEO of Dann Agency, Seo Dan- ah, who is a very busy woman will be played by Choi Soo-young. She grew up in a family where people do not talk about their feelings. As a result, she does not know how to express her feelings and emotions and due to this she, is often, mislabeled as a sarcastic, arrogant, egoist, and rude. Her family has very tight rules that she had to give up her love for soccer. Kang Tae- Oh will play Lee Yeong- Hwa. He is the only person who can open Dan- ah’s cold heart. He has a unique taste in arts and paintings and, often, expresses his feelings in the form of art.

Supporting casts include familiar faces such as Park Yeong- Gyu, Lee Jung- ha, Seo Jin- won, Kim Dong-young, and many more. Special appearances include Kim Won- Hae and Kim Seon- ho. We cannot say anything with surety regarding the season 2 cast as it is not confirmed yet.

Run On Season 2 Trailer

Fans will have to be patient as there is not much information available. If makers decide to continue, they will drop the trailer soon either on the official website of the show.

Where To Watch Run On Season 2 Online?

Watch the previous season of Run On on Netflix.

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