Run with the wind season 2 Release Date Cast, Plot Explained

The Anime series Run with the Wind Season 2 was aired from October 2, 2018, to March 26, 2019, by production IG on the original network NTV, SDT, YTV BS-NTV. In total 23 episodes were aired and the series were stimulated by Crunchyroll. The series is licensed by sentai kimworthy for streaming and home video release.

Run with the wind season 2 Story

The story is followed by a boy named Kakeru, who is a former elite runner at high school, who was being chased for stealing the food. He was saved by a student studying at Kansei University, who is also a runner like him .

Haiji tries to convince Kakeru to live in the old dormitory “ chikusei-so” where he plans to gather all the fellow residents to participate in the Hakone Ekiden relay marathon which was one of the most prominent university races in Japan, as per the story shown, Kakeru realizes that all the residents except for Haiji and himself are complete novices.

Run with the wind season 2 Cast Details

As per the story, all the characters were somehow related to high school students or were high school students themselves. So, here are those characters are shown in this series

Kakeru Kurihara voiced by takeover Otsuka is a 1st-year student of sociology at Kansei University and an experienced runner also. He was a popular athlete, since the times of his high school. As the series continues, he becomes disillusioned due to an incident on his old track. he first joined chikusei-so after Haiji meets him stealing from a convenience store. As the story continues, Kakeru learns the meaning of being in tune with others.

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Haiji kiyose voiced by Toshiyuki toyonaga is also a student of Kansei University in the batch of 4th years students and is also a resident of chikusei-so. He has longings regarding running in the Hakone Ekiden and ended being a member of a team. Haiji maintained his image of the most enthusiastic residents, Even though he suffered from a knee injury

Takashi Sugiyama voiced by koki Uchiyama is an earnest student from the mountain region and is known as ‘shindo’ among other members of the dorm. He was the first to be convinced by Haiji to give running a chance and played a significant role in motivating others. He was pursuing the training to impress his family but emerged as someone standing out on his own.

Akane kashiwazatu voiced by Miyu irino is a die heart fan of manga having a room filled with various volumes of it. He is known as price by other dorm members. He had low physical stamina and had indoor tendencies. Akane continued his training after Takashi had his family send over a treadmill for him to remain indoor and read the manga.

Taro jo voiced by. Junta Emoji was identical to his twin brother, nearly indistinguishable from him. He, in the beginning, impress girls but ended in appreciating the sports.

Jiro jo voiced by yuto unemura was younger than his elder brother taro jo and also formed running enjoyable after having the same intention as his elder brother.

Yukuhito iwatura voiced by Kazuyuki Okitsu had passed his bar examination on his first try and was known as Yuki by other fellows of chikusei-so. Initially rejecting haiji’s enthusiasm, but later on, became part of that team. He hated the smell of tobacco coming from the mouth of Akihiro of smoking until he quit it.

Musa Kamala voiced by hideout kabumoto came from Tanzania to Japan for studying space and engineering as a sponsored international student at Kansei University. He had flaws in Japanese speaking and written mistakes too but was always helpful toward the team. Yohei Sakaguchi voiced by Riki Kitagawa is a 4tg year student at Kansei University studying sociology. He is in a search of a job and eventually ended joining the team because only of the efforts of Takashi

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Akihiro Hirst’s voice by Takanori Hoshino was a smoker which made him be known as ‘ Nico – senpai’. He had a history of running on the track during high school due to the efforts of his coach. As he continued running again due to the influence of Haiji, he quit smoking and started to make small metallic figures as a substitute.

Hanako Akatsuki voiced by Juri limits is a 3rd-year high school student, also known as Hana Chan among her friends. Her father runs a shop.

At the request of Haiji, she recorded the time by riding on her bicycle alongside the team and was a terrible cook.

Kosuke Sakaki voiced by Kengo kawamishi was also a member of  Kakeru’s high school track and had a grudge toward Kakeru after causing an incident affecting the entire team.

Kazuma Fukuoka voiced by Satoshi Gino was famous for intercollegiate track meets and knew Haiji prior to his knee injury. She becomes a target for Kakeru to defeat.

Gemichiro tazaki voiced by Katariya Nakamura if the official coach and landlord of chikusei-so, but leaves most of the work to Haiji and his enthusiasm.

Run with the wind season 2 release Date

There is no news from the show maker yet. The date regarding the release of the series has not been confirmed yet but looking to the demands and sale of the series, it is being predicted that these series will soon have a second season.

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