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RuriDragon Chapter 11 Release Date: Details Here!

One day, Ruri Aoki awakens to find that horns had begun to grow out of her skull. Her mother says she’s truly half-dragon when people inquire about it. Even though she finds it more difficult than she anticipated, Ruri attempts to carry on with her regular life in spite of this discovery.

RuriDragon Chapter 11 Release Date

Use It is the title of Chapter 10 of RuriDragon. Ruri’s training on the rooftop with her mother comes first.
Ruri senses that her body is feeling better, feeling calmer than before, even if she still finds it difficult to manage her lightning talents.

With faith that she would someday harness her powers, her mother encourages her. Ruri and her mother discuss throughout their training session how Ruri can utilize her skills for good, but they are unable to come up with any concrete solutions.

RuriDragon Chapter 11 Release Date 

On Sunday, March 31, 2024, RuriDragon Chapter 11 will be available. The times of the worldwide release are as follows:

  1. Australian Time: April 1, 2024 (2:30 PM)
  2. Greenwich Time: April 1, 2024 (3:30 AM)
  3. Japanese Time: April 1, 2024 (12:30 PM)
  4. Central Time: March 31, 2024 (10:30 PM)
  5. Canada Time: March 31, 2024 (11:30  PM) 
  6. Pacific Time: March 31, 2024 (8:30 PM) 

Story of RuriDragon Chapter 11 

Raising tensions, Ruri is trying to balance her life at school with her hidden existence as a dragon. Fans can’t wait to read RuriDragon Chapter 11, which is scheduled for publication this week. 
RuriDragon In Chapter 11, Ruri returns to school and tells her classmates Yuka and Kashiro about her experiences in the arcade.

They may discuss her newfound pals there and her progress in mastering her dragon abilities. Ruri could also spend more time at the arcade with her pals, deepening their friendship.

Kashiro and Yuka may continue researching Ruri’s dragon talents and learning more about her enigmatic abilities while all of this is going on.
As the chapter comes to an end, Ruri could be having trouble juggling her obligations to her studies with her covert dragon life.

Recap of RuriDragon Chapter 10

In the preceding chapter, Put It To Use, fans witnessed as their favourite dragon girl, Ruri, carried on with her mother’s training but was still unable to release her stored lightning. But unlike the previous time she discharged shockwaves at school, Ruri’s body settles down considerably and doesn’t ache as much. Her mother believes Ruri can control lightning and tells her she will get better at controlling her abilities. 

Additionally, they discuss whether Ruri will ever be able to use her seemingly terrible skills for good. She receives assurances from her mother that she will undoubtedly be able to use her abilities to do good in the future. She then departs after receiving a call. Ruri, who has never interacted with any of her classmates before, goes to an arcade because she is bored. There, she meets several of them. 

But it doesn’t take her long to become friends with them, and they all have a great time playing in the arcade. A girl approaches Ruri during a group bowling session, asking whether she will grant them all free flight when she gains the ability to fly. Ruri promises that if they vow to invite her to their arcade adventures, she will give them all free flying rides as dragons. Watching her daughter enjoy herself with friends from a distance, Ruri’s mother grins. The chapter’s conclusion demonstrates how Ruri’s weariness prevents her from getting out of bed on Sunday.

Characters of RuriDragon 

The characters of RuriDragon are as follows- 

  1. Ruri Aoki
  2. Kashiro
  3. Yoshioka
  4. Ruri no Haha
  5. Yuka

Where to Read RuriDragon 

RuriDragon will be available to read on Viz Media, MangaPlus and many other websites. As per your you can read on your favourite website. 


Where to Read RuriDragon?

RuriDragon will be available to read on Viz Media, MangaPlus and many other websites. As per your you can read on your favourite website. 

Is this manga worth reading?

Yes, this manga is worth reading.

When will Chapter 11 be released? 

Chapter 11 will be released on 1 April, 2024. 

How many chapters have been released? 

Till now there are 10 chapters released. 

What is the genre of RuriDragon?

RuriDragon is a Shonen manga.


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