Ryan Upchurch Net Worth: Songwriter Earning And Source

Ryan Upchurch is a popular American Singer, Songwriter, and Rapper. In addition, he is also a comedian. Upchurch is from Nashville, Tennessee. Therefore he started as a ‘country rapper’ and artist. However, since then he has expanded into various genres.

Before being in the music sphere, he started with Comedy. He used to upload videos on YouTube from which he gained followers and fans. Since the beginning, his music has been successful. Upchurch released his first EP called ‘Cheatham County’ in 2015, which was able to make it to the top 30 ‘Billboard Top Country Albums chart. And in the next year, in 2016, he released his first album/LP called ‘Heart of America’ which also made it into the top 30 ‘Billboard Top country albums’ (BTCA) chart. ‘Heart of America’, in the week of release sold about 1300 copies. From thereon, his later albums and EPs also received the same amount of success.

In the same year where he released, Heart of America, he released the next album called ‘Chicken Willie’ in August, 2800 copies of the album were sold in the first week of its release. It also ranked 22 in the BTCA chart while ranking 11 on the Rap albums chart.

 Some of his albums focus more on rappings and some others have small rap elements here and there. For example, the album he released in 2018 titled ‘Creeker’ was his first rock album, which was rock-focused with some rap elements, and his 2019 album ‘Supernatural’ was much more rap-focused with some country elements. The rock album ‘Creeker’ also has a part 2 called ‘Creeker II’ released in 2019, and which includes songs such as ‘Gassed Up’ and ‘Hillbilly’ etc. Also, the EP that Ryan released in 2017 titled ‘Summer Love’ had no rap elements in it. An amazing fact about Ryan is that he has released 15 albums since the start of his career.

Upchurch’s album ‘Supernatural’ reached no.6 on ‘Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart’. And an album of his titled ‘Son of South’ sold 48,100 copies. This is a big feat.

Ryan’s latest album is ‘people’s champ’ released in February 2022. He has signed with a new record label, ‘Hollerboy/Stonebaby Sounds’. Read on to find out more about the artist below. It is said that Ryan Upchurch is one of the highest-paid rising songwriters and rappers.

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Ryan Upchurch Net Worth

Ryan Upchurch Net Worth
Ryan Upchurch

As of recent Ryan Upchurch’s net worth is estimated to be about 5 million dollars with an annual salary of about 1 million dollars. His net worth is primary from his album sales and additionally from his YouTube channel with 2.5 million subscribers and the clothing line that Ryan runs.

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Ryan Upchurch Early Life

Ryan or Ryan Edward Upchurch was born on 24 May 1991. He has one brother called Austen. However, there is no information on his parents’ identities. Until 24, he had never been outside the state of Tennessee. He used to listen to hip-hop since he was 8 and after listening to various country raps, he began singing and performing while he was in Highschool. Additionally, he also played football during Highschool. And after turning 23, he along with his friend Shade started uploading funny videos on YouTube, and gradually around the same he also explored his music interest by uploading remixes of songs such as ‘Dead or Alive, and in a very short time, his channel gained about 50,000 subscribers. (And as of recent his channel has 2.5 million subscribers since he began in 2014). From there on he found success in both comedy and music.

Ryan Upchurch Personal Life

Ryan Upchurch Net Worth
Ryan Upchurch

Ryan’s dating life has been in the public since he dated his then-girlfriend Brianna VanVleet, however, the relationship came to end due to too much publicity, and therefore they decided to split. The relationship has had its share of controversies. While it was active both of them fell into controversies throughout their relationship, a good amount of it is probably due to the publicity.

The next and the latest information on Ryan’s dating life has been his relationship with another artist called Katie Noel who is a singer and has released some singles with Ryan such as Hey Boy And Hey Girl and some more.

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