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Samurai Champloo Season 2 Release Date: What Are The Chances?

Shinchirō Watanabe, the creator of masterpieces like Cowboy Bebop and Space Dandy, also created Samurai Champloo Season 2 which was released back in 2004. Not only the subversion but the dub version of this anime is pretty well received. Now it’s really hard to explain what it’s like watching Samurai Champloo. Though it can be said for sure it’s not for everyone since it doesn’t follow the usual setup like most of the animes out there.

Set in Edo period Japan yet holding hands with modern hip-hop, the anime portrays the lifestyle and the lives of people of different statuses and entities back then. From well-choreographed combat and well-written characters to soul-touching music and a beautiful artistically aesthetic world it has got everything. But what makes Samurai Champloo stand out more is its ability to leave a mark on the viewer.

Unlike most of the anime out there with the same long over-hyped battles, almost the same plot, battles-filled characters having an internal monologue while in combat, the same ragged idea of everything going downhill and the protagonist appears to save the day, Samurai Champloo does things differently. The vibe of Samurai Champloo is entirely different and unique.

The entire anime including combat is chill and laid back. Slow hip-hop beats, the exquisite world of the anime, unique realistic style of combat of each character play a vital role in creating the soul of the series. Well-timed humor and proper placement of emotion all contribute to the anime.

The viewer gets to ride a rollercoaster as the story navigates through the depth of psychology and at times the light-hearted moments of the anime. However one of the most gripping parts of the anime is the chemistry of bonds shared between the main three characters and their interaction with random strangers. Even random strangers seem to play a vital role in the story, some leaving the main characters with remarkable memories, some with sweet action.

The plot just follows the main characters but doesn’t root around the main characters only. It focuses not only on how the surrounding world and people affect the main characters but also on how the main characters are affecting the surrounding world and the people around them.

And the plot isn’t stagnant at one point only, in one episode we get to see the characters having a bone-crushing fight to resolve something, the next we get to see them catching fish, eating at a restaurant, and meeting a stranger. But apart from everything, the music in this anime plays one of the most important roles in making Samurai Champloo what it is thanks to Nujabes, a Japanese record producer for his phenomenal music along with Fat Jon, MINMI, and others.

From OPs and EDs to background especially in combat, music sets the mood perfectly throughout the series. In the current time, where all the anime with the almost same plot with the same cliché humor whenever an inane “it’s time to laugh” background music plays, the same type of over-hyped action, the almost same type of character design and world set up with lack of atmosphere it’s hard for the viewers to get a unique feeling while watching even if it is entertaining resulting it to be forgotten quickly. Here’s what we know about Samurai Champloo Season 2 release date.

Samurai Champloo Season 2 Release Date

Samurai Champloo is a combination of a well-written story with interesting unique characters and an amazing world set up just like Cowboy Bebop. What makes this show stand the test of time is the vibe that it creates for the viewer, and it’s not only through memories but also through the feeling the viewer gets while watching it whether it’s for the world set up, the very Japanese beats filled with a touch of hip-hop in line with the animation and effect, the atmosphere condensing well with the plot or even color choices all leading to the unique aesthetic vibe of Samurai Champloo.

The viewers who finished watching the anime leave with a remarkable mark, which most anime fails nowadays for their neutral vibe. The show bears a bit of resemblance with the creator’s other masterpiece Cowboy Bebop but they are in no way similar. However, the anime focuses more on the journey of the characters rather than the actual destination. The plot is a major reason behind the success of the series. It is broken into sub-plots turning it into an amazing story of emotion, jaw-dropping action, fun, sadness, occasional romance, and influential characters.

Samurai Champloo was released on 20th May 2004. The creator has not placed any light regarding the next installment of the series yet. As of now, there is no official information regarding the release date of Samurai Champloo Season 2.

Name of the ShowSamurai Champloo
Season NumberSeason 2
Samurai Champloo Season 1 Release Date14 May 2005
Samurai Champloo Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Samurai Champloo Season 2 Overview

Samurai Champloo Season 2 Story

Till now, no information is available on the story of Samurai Champloo Season 2, as the show has not been renewed by the makers but we can assume or predict that they will continue the story from where it ends in the first season.

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Samurai Champloo Season 2 Characters

Samurai Champloo Season 2 Release Date

Well, till now, we cannot say anything regarding the characters of season 2 because the makers have not announced anything officially. But here you will find the characters that are main in the previous season. Mugen: Kazuya Nakai, Steve Blum, Jin: Ginpei Sato, Kirk Thornton, Fuu: Ayako Kawasumi, Kari WeWahlgren.

Samurai Champloo Season 1 Recap

The story begins with Fuu, an enthusiastic woman who knows how to get a job done who was working as a waitress at the beginning of the show bumping into Mugen, an unorthodox cool funny energetic samurai living life on his own ideals, and Jin, a calm, composed stoic samurai who rarely opens up with traditional taste. Jin and Mugen try to kill each other in a duel to find out who is the strongest but Fuu compels Jin and Mugen to join her on her quest to find a samurai who smells of sunflowers as a result postponing their duel.

The most intriguing part here is that Mugen and Jin despite being opposites are pure badasses in their own style. All the characters in the series have their own unique style whether it’s their design, their perspective on life, their way of dealing with stuff, and their method of combat. Even the supporting characters make the viewer grow a connection, they have their own story with their own perspective and style. Mugen being hot-headed jumps into a battle with straight aggression while Jin prefers being composed and fighting methodically.

However, it should be kept in mind that both of them are dangerous people capable of dealing with a group of fighters on their own. Fuu has her own way of dealing with things, she rescued Jin and Mugen at times with her own unique ideas. The three of them on their path to finding the samurai who smells of sunflowers encountered a lot of people of different social statuses, professions and religious entities some turned friends and some foes.

Getting entangled in the life of different people yet also being tied to their own issues and fighting their way out is extremely intriguing to watch. Even if the motive of a segment of the series is not that intriguing the way they achieve the goal is intensely intriguing. All three of them have their own share of past filled with darkness and pain which gets unwrapped bit by bit as the story proceeds. Even if the three of them are totally different from each other and they even tried to get rid of each other at the beginning but as the show proceeds they grow a beautiful bond as they moved forward evading the obstacles along their way.

Fuu along with Mugen and Jin when almost reached their ultimate goal which was to meet the samurai who smells like sunflowers only to face their strongest foe yet. Fuu finally meets with the samurai who smells of sunflowers and also it is revealed that the samurai they were trying to reach is actually Fuu’s father who is on his death bed and that sunflowers actually don’t have any smell.

Jin and Mugen barely survive against the final enemies and they stand in front of each other to fight their long-awaited duel as they kept their end of the deal with Fuu that if they help her meet the samurai who smells of sunflower, she will let them walk their own path. The duel ended with a draw and both of them acclaimed each other’s strength and fainted. They woke up with their injuries patched up with Fuu in front of them. They took departure from each other after one final goodbye to walk their own path of life with all three of them having one ideal that “Life moves On”.

Where To Watch Samurai Champloo Season 2 Online?

Season 2 of the anime has not yet been announced but you can definitely watch the first season of the show on Crunchyroll.

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