Scarlet Nexus Episode 13: Will there Be Episode 13?

Scarlet Nexus is an anime that is made on the popular video game named Scarlet Nexus. The producer of the anime is Sunrise. The anime premiered on 1st July 2021. The announcement for the same was made in March 2021. In Asia it is licensed by Media link while outside Asia it is licensed by Funimation. Nishimura and Yuji Ito shall be the designers for the characters while for the script writing the show has hired Yoichi Kato, Toshizo Nemoto and Akiko Inoue.

As the people loved the music of the show the same music composer who worked on the game’s music Dream in Drive has worked on the opening theme of the anime called Red Criminal.The show was received well and till now there have been total of 12 episode releases. Until now the story has been doing great and the people are very much excited for it. People are happy to see their beloved game characters appear on screen and see them enacting the story. The game’s popularity brought a lot of fame to the show as soon as it was released.

So, if you want to know all available information on the last episode for this season of Scarlet Nexus kindly read along and discover all we have collected for you.

Scarlet Nexus Episode 13 Release Date

The 12th episode aired on September 16th. The title of the episode will be The Moon’s Secret. The director shall be Hiroyuki Nishimura. In this episode we shall see that the search for Yuito begins and how he becomes a world criminal as the plot of Karen unfolds. We shall also come across how the OSF is turning humans into monsters by performing brain experiments.

Yuito shall be feeling a little concerned that from a hero he is framed as a criminal and is glad that his friend Wataro escaped. The story shall be following from here on. Yuito and his allies now cannot stay there and attempt to safely move to Togetsu city. There the priestess shall tell what the government has been doing in name of bringing law and order to the villagers.
Let us hope our heroes reach safely and are able to safeguard the city as well.

As of now there is no Scarlet Nexus Episode 13 release date.

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Scarlet Nexus Episode 12 Recap

The anime is based on the popular game developed by Bandai Namco studios with Tose of the same name. The main plot is series is set in the near future and is an alternate reality anime. In the days of this anime technology is based on the composition of every person’s brain and what it is made of. There is a special task force called the OSF or Other Supression Force that hires people with different powerful abilities and creates a mass that can protect the citizens from the mutants that belong to the existential belt and attack.

Scarlet Nexus Episode 13 Characters

The main character is Yuito – he is the second son of a prestigious family known as Sumeragi family. He has special psionic power of gravikinesis. This power helps him command the movement of any and all object that are near him. He is also a great with the sword and is very friendly with his teammates. He is known as the ideal member of the team and has good leading abilities. But with his powers comes a catch. To be fully competent he needs to regularly consume his medicine which is made of human blood and brains. Also as he was not born with these powers and was given the through experiments the repeated use is creating memory gapes and power lapses for him. Knowing all the truth he tries to protest but to no avail. He was also named as a traitor for the same reason.

The other main character is Kasane. Kasane is an adopted child and lives with Randall family. The Randall family has a daughter of their own named Naomi. Kasane is very protective of Naomi. She does not want anything to hurt Naomi. But when both of them were added to Kyoka Platon and send on a mission to eliminate some Others, by mistake Naomi gets converted to an Other thus making her a threat. Due to this she is taken away by th forces. Randall family as a result disowns Kasane. She also has powers like Yuito.

Yuito is lover of Naomi and also realizes that it was Kasane who saved his life. Hence when Naomi turns to an Other he also accompanies Kasane to fetch a remedy for her. So, keep tight and wait just some time more until you see the new episode.

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