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Scarlet Nexus Season 3 Release Date: Are Animes based on JRPG games good enough?

Scarlet Nexus Season 3 Release Date
Scarlet Nexus Season 3 Release Date

Based on a popular RPG, action video game with the same name developed by the popular Japanese game company Bandai Namco, the anime is directed by Hiroyuki Nishimura. The game is widely popular in the gaming community and is playable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S and also on PC with a Microsoft Windows operating system (however the basic system requirements should be checked).

The anime bears the same character design and world set up similar to the game. However, the response received by the anime was underwhelming the series seem to have potential at the beginning but slowly it just lost it’s grip on the plot, the progression seems excessively rushed with poor execution. Some of the gaming otakus from all over the world who got into the anime after playing the game got disheartened for the poor delivery of the series. Character development had no scope whatsoever in the anime, and the art style wasn’t something to highlight. However the anime seem to have different impact on gaming and non-gaming community.

Here are the details we know about Scarlet Nexus Season 3 Release Date.

Scarlet Nexus Season 3 Release Date

There is no confirmation regarding the second season of the anime Scarlett Nexus. The anime is still getting received by the viewers so it’s pretty hard to say what will be the fate of the series. For now it’s hard to say if there will be any second season or not.

Scarlet Nexus Season 3 Story

The plot follows the valorous story of Yuito Sumeragi. The story is set in the future world but from an alternate reality, one that doesn’t bear resemblance with the actual one. In the alternative world, humans exist but they are constantly threatened by the monstrous creatures named “Others”, this creatures lurk around in the same world and cause harm to humans.

However to subdue this odious creatures, humans rely on special force of trained warriors, who are especially trained to deal with issues related to Others, this special force is know as Other Suppression Force also knows as OSF. This world also bears an advanced form of technology that has been developed by humans themselves in this reality. This specialised technology creates the backbone of the very society that the humans live in and humanity revolves around it. The technology is created from a special element that is found in human brain.

Humanity in the alternate reality has collected and developed technologies that supports the very human civilisation itself from the special element that is found in their own brain only. We get to follow Yuito Sumeragi and his journey in this world as he navigates through different complexities and adversities to reach his goal. Yuito belongs to the Sumeragi family, a family with very high reputation.

And he is the second son in the family. Yuito was once under a lethal threat when he was just a little kid, petrified then he almost gave up hope just before an OSF soldier came into his rescue. Getting rescued by the OSF officer had a deep impact on his as kid, the influence was so great that Yuito ended up being an OSF officer himself when grew up. He holds a special psionic ability which allows him to take control and move objects that surrounds him, this ability is called gravikinesis.

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What Happens Next?

The OSF is divided into several platoons and Yuito was deployed under the Seto platoon, he was deployed there with a friend of his named Nagi. On his first mission as an OSF officer, he realised that Kasane was the OSF officer who rescued him when was just a 5 year old. Yuito then comes to know about the situation Kasane’s sister is in and out of gratitude for what Kasane did for him back then he decided to help Kasane in her endeavor of saving her sister who has due to an unfortunate incident was turned into an Other.

Yuito then embarks on his journey as an OSF officer, but on his journey he unwraps a lot of unsettling secrets such as him being born as a “dud”, which means that he didn’t have any kind of special power when he was born and the power he currently uses is nothing but an impact of a series of experiments done in his. But since this power is artificial it is slowly affecting his brain and draining away memories from his mind.

He also gets wrapped up in complex politics that surround the OSF platoons and also comes to know about the existence of an older Yuito from the future world of 2070, Yuito along with his other platoon companions sets out to deal with all the issues surrounding him.

Scarlet Nexus Season 3 Characters

Yuito Sumeragi- Junya Enoki provides the Japanese voice behind Yuito who is also the voice actor behind the fan-favorite anime characters such as Nasa from Tonikaku Kawai, Reinner Braun from Attack On Titan, Itadori Yuuji from Jujutsu Kaisen, Shimoda from Heaven’s Design Team, Shin from Dorohedoro, Pannacotta from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Sekkekkyuu AA2153 from Cells At Work- Code Black and recently the role of Naoya from Kanojo no Kanojo. He was born on Oct 19, 1988 and is from Tokyo, Japan.

The trailer of the second season of Scarlet Nexus isn’t available yet.

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