Scenes from A Marriage Season 2: Is It Returning?

It is a Swedish television series, written and directed by Ingmar Bergman. It was based on the real-life experiences of Bergman in his relationship. The producer of this movie was Lars-Owe Carlberg. It has a total of six episodes and each of them is an hour long. It has shown positive reviews in Sweden as well as in other countries. The story is about the events and situations that happen in marriages. They include the perspective of Ingmar and his experiences. It shows the issues in trusting the other person and what leads to divorce. This show is also a subject of controversy as it increased the rates of divorce in Sweden. As a boy, Ingmar saw his parents fighting, which made him unhappy. This show has a rating of 8.1/10 on IMDb; 82% positive reviews on rotten tomatoes and 4/5 on Common Sense Media. It depicts the condition of modern marriages and related the problem to a wide range of populations. After the first season, the fans are now anxiously wanting to know about Scenes From A Marriage Season 2.

Scenes from a Marriage Season 2 Release Date

The miniseries was first published on 11 April 1973 in Sweden. Most of the viewers were females. Season 1 was recently broadcasted on 12 September 2021 and ended on 10 October 2021. It was labeled as limited series. So, it is least expected to witness the release of season 2 of Scenes from a Marriage. It is neither renewed nor canceled as it was meant for 1 season only.

Scenes from a Marriage Recap

Scenes From A Marriage Season 2
Johan and Marianne

In Episode 1 ‘Innocence and Panic’- We see that Marianne and Johan, a couple, are being interviewed about their love life. They were celebrating their 10th marriage anniversary. They have two daughters and are a lovely couple as assumed by other people. Marianne tells Johan that she is pregnant and she wants to abort the baby. In Episode 2 ‘The Art of Sweeping things Under the Rug’- Despite her determination to not go to dinner with her parents, she goes there in the end, as she does every week. At the University Johan gets friendly with his much younger female colleague. He even shows her the poetry’s that he has kept hidden from his own wife. In Episode 3 ‘Paula’- Johan tells Marianne that he is very unhappy with his marriage life and he is having an affair with a young lady at his university. He wants to separate from her for months. Paula remains an unseen character. He opens up about his frustrations and reveals his desire to leave her.

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Marianne learns that even her friends knew about his affair but no one told her. In Episode 4 ‘The Vale of Tears’- Marianne wanted to meet with Johan to reveal her intention for divorce. John shares that he wants to do a job at Cleveland University. When Marianne shared her interest in remarrying, Johan snapped. He was not ready to listen to her and about what she learned at the therapy. In Episode 5 ‘The Illiterates’- Johan and Marianne meet each other to finally end the marriage. They got into a quarrel, more and more arguments happened when they discussed the division of their belongings and who was going to raise their daughters. She brings up how she enjoys sex with her new partner, which somehow leads to physical violence. In the end, Johan had to sign the divorce papers. In Episode 6 ‘In the middle of the night, In the dark’- After remarried to different people, they got into an affair. She then reveals to Johan that very shortly after they were married, she had an extramarital affair. Johan exclaims to her that they both share an ‘imperfect love’.

Scenes from a Marriage Cast

Scenes From A Marriage Season 2
Scenes from a Marriage: Episode 1

The actors in this miniseries were – Liv Ullman (Marianne), Erland Josephson (Johan), Bibi Andersson (Katerina), Jan malmsjö (Peter), Gunnel Lindblom (Eva; she was a colleague of Johan), Anita Wall (Mrs. Fru Palm), Barbro Hiort af Ornäs (Fru Jacoby), Lena Bergman (Karin) and Wenche Foss (the mother), etc. There are many other side characters, like the character of Paula which was not shown.

Scenes from a Marriage Trailer

The trailer for this series and also the whole show is available on the official HBO channel.

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