Secret Invasion Release Date Announced? Know Here! 

Marvel Studios has already given tons of series and movies to their fans across the globe. Almost every series and movie from Marvel Studios has left a good mark on the hearts of their fans. Nobody would be surprised if Marvel Studio comes back with another banging series or movie, right? So here I am with this article to introduce you to another banging series from Marvel Studios. Yes, it is back again with the series named Secret Invasion. If you don’t know much about Secret Invasion then no worries, continue reading to know everything about the series. 

An American upcoming television miniseries Secret Invasion, created by Kyle Bradstreet. The series is based on Marvel Comics Secret Invasion by Brian Michael Bendis and Leinil Francis Yu. The executive producers of Secret Invasion are Kevin Feige, Kyle Bradstreet, Louis D’Esposito, Jonathan Schwartz, and Victoria Alonso. The series is shooted in London and Europe and the cinematography is done by Sylvaine Dufaux. The series starts with Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, and Ben Mendelsohn. Everything is already announced about the series except the release date. All the viewers are already eager to know when they are getting the Secret Invasion series from Marvel Studios. So I have gathered some updates about the release date, storyline and characters list about the series. Keep scrolling to know! 

Secret Invasion Release Date

After the announcement of the series Secret Invasion, Marvel Studios fans are excited for the release of the series. But will Secret Invasion release? Nothing else was revealed until now about the release date of Secret Invasion. However, according to some of the predictions we can expect the Secret Invasion series anytime soon in 2022. Still, we have to wait for any official announcement from the creators or the production company Marvel Studios. But one thing is very clear this series is worth waiting for. 

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Secret Invasion Expected Story

Secret Invasion Release Date
Secret Invasion

At present, it will be quite uncertain to predict any storyline of Secret Invasion, however, as we know that this series is based on Marvel comics from where we can predict the storyline. The storyline of Secret Invasion involves a long-term invasion of Earth by the Skrulls. Like all other Marvel Studios series and movies this storyline sounds interesting, right? So we’ve only had to wait until the release date announcement. Still, according to the forecast, Secret Invasion will be released somewhere in 2022. 

Secret Invasion Expected Cast

Every series and movies under production company Marvel Studios always have a blast cast members. No doubt it has such a large fan base across the globe. The cast list of Secret Invasion is not fully revealed yet. However, some of the cast members are already revealed with their respective characters. I guess we have to wait until the announcement of the release date of Secret Invasion. For now let’s see some of the cast: Ben Mendelsohn as Talos, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, and Ben Mendelsohn as Talos. The remaining cast members are yet to be announced.

Secret Invasion Trailer

Secret Invasion
Secret Invasion

If you are also waiting for the trailer of Secret Invasion, then for all the Marvel Studios fans I have gathered some updates. So unfortunately no trailer of Secret Invasion is available till now. Let’s wait until the announcement of the release date of Secret Invasion. 

Where to watch Secret Invasion?

Want to know where you can watch Secret Invasion? Still, the release date is not announced, but after the premiere, you can watch all the episodes of Secret Invasion on Disney+. Do watch the whole series on Disney+ and don’t forget to tell us your reviews in the comment section. Thank you for staying till last. Have a cheerful day ahead! 

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