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seis manos season 2 release date Expectations!

Brad Graeber’s creation Seis Manos is an adult American animated television series. Also titled Six Hands. The series covers the basic genres of martial arts and action.Seis Manos was written by Alvaro Rodriguez and Daniel Dominguez.Under the direction of Wilis Bullinger, the series was released with a total of 8 episodes in the first season on 3 October 2019. Carl Thiel composed the series. Talking about the production department the executive producers of the show include Brad Graeber, Alvaro Rodriguez, Rob Pereyda, Daniel Dominguez, Ken Sasaki, and Brad Woods. Produced by Jason Williams under Powerhouse Animation Studios. and Viz Productions. In this article, we have brought details about Sies Manos Season 2 Release date and other updates.

Seis Manos Season 2 Release Date

Seis Manos fans are very excited for the second season release after the successful performance of season 1.Though it’s been more than one and half years since its release there is nothing that has been announced or commented regarding season 3 updates from the makers. As of now, there is nothing has been officially confirmed by the makers or Netflix. As this one and a half year hai I also legid keeping in mind about the coronavirus pandemic . Also, anime took time for its sequel release. So it is a 50 50 situation whether season 2 will be there or not. We can expect the Seis Manos season 2 release date around the mid of 2022. Still, we will confirm this news and make changes in this section anytime as soon as any official words will be out.

The first season was released on 9 October 2019 with a total of 8 episodes in total on Netflix. Well, it has become a trend nowadays for Netflix that it takes time for the sequel announcement after analyzing and observing the performance of season 1 . Let’s hope for the best and fans will get answers soon to their queries.

Seis Manos Season 2 Plot

The first season’s plot revolves around the main character taking revenge on the villains. This is all basically revolves around personal arguments and rights between the protagonist and the killers. The first season ended in a very unanswered state. There were so many new characters introduced and a sudden change in the plot. All these things were at the target performance. In season 2 it is expected that the plot will put a pause after Blade’s death. Well, do you know Seis Manos’s performance was appreciated and was rated great, lets see what will happen in season details?

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Seis Manos Season 2 Cast

The main charact3rs and their voice actors are Seis Manos – Isabela voice was given by Aislinn Derbez, Jesus’ voice was given by Jonny Cruz.Th3 other allies include Chiu’s voice was given by Vic Chao, Garcia’s voice was given by Angelica Vale, and Bister’s voice was given by Mike Colter. The enemies include El Blade’s voice was given by Danny Trejo, Alejandra who was Blade’s mom, and Master Lo who was Chou’s mentor.

Seis Manos Season 2 Trailer

As of now, there is nothing has been announced officially. We will update this section as soon as any official dates will be out. Till then if you haven’t watched the first season yet, then do with it on Netflix or you can add it to your watchlist now.

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