Sense8 season 3 release date & Details!

An extraordinary show with passionately written characters, and a unique theme. The plot setup is the first of its own appearance and is does a wonderful job of executing the potential great story. The characters are the backbone of the show. Each belonging to different ethnicity and culture, with different sexual and social orientations. It extravagantly executes the flavor of the diversity by maintaining the authenticity properly.

And on top of that, the supernatural psychic aspect mixed up with the thriller aspect just makes it a perfect rollercoaster ride for the viewers. Different social issues, intricate attention of details in all the aspects, the portrayal of different professions and lifestyles totally distinct from each other are all carried out and displayed in this show properly. It has won a lot of awards and some for its portrayal of the LGBTQ+ community. The show is a must-watch for people out there looking for something fresh and out of the box.

Sense8 Season 3 Release Date

Since the show is canceled already, it’s extremely hard to say anything about the future of the show. However, there might be a chance of renewal but nothing can be said as of now.


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Sense8 Season 3 Plot Premises

Sense8 takes the viewers on a supernatural adventure filled with adventure, twists, and turns. The plot follows a supernatural world where eight people from all over the globe happen to have a strange unique ability. This ability grants them a psychological ability that allows them to communicate and coordinate with each other through their minds.

These eight people are “born” and live all over the world, all of them belong to different countries, ethnicity, culture, and heritage and none have no connection with each other whatsoever other than the strange psychic ability that makes them coordinate with each other regardless of the distance between them. However this psychic ability of them is not only bound to mental coordination, they can even feel each other’s emotional strength

. A whole lot of mental bondage is found between all of them even if they have never crossed paths in their whole life previously. This very psychic strength allows them to teach each different language and is also an efficient way of sharing skills, information, and knowledge without any physical interaction. These eight people who live in different parts of the world have their own share of personal problems and issues to deal with, each trying their best to overcome the adversities that has fate plotted against them.


We find Capheus “Van Damn” Onyango, who drives a matatu for a living so that he can afford medications for his ill mother. Nomi Marks, who lives in San Francisco along with her girlfriend, and is a trans woman. She is a skilled hacker and she uses her skill to promote her social agenda. We find Sun Bak from Seoul as well, a strong talented emerging star in the underworld kickboxing world. Kala Dandekar, a highly educated pharmacist living in Mumbai. She is an ardent believer of the Hindu religion and is engaged with a man with whom she is not that familiar.

Then we get Lito Rodriguez, a Spanish who is living with his boyfriend in Mexico City. Lito hasn’t revealed about him being gay to the world yet. He is an actor by profession. There is also Will Gorski who is a cop working in the Chicago Police Department dealing with his trauma about an unsolved murder case.

Wolfgang Bogdanow, based in Berlin, Germany is a member of an organized crime syndicate. He is a skilled safecracker and is dealing with serious issues related to his late father. And then there is Riley “Blue” GGunnarsdóttir from London trying her best to deal with the issues surrounding her past, she is an Icelandic DJ. All these eight people as evident live a completely different life without any kind of similarities to each other, each of different nationalities, different sexual orientations, different professions, and dealing with individual problems yet they have the psychic ability to coordinate mentally and emotionally with each other.

It was revealed that they are all “birthed” by Angelica, a woman who in order to prevent herself from getting captured by a mysterious man named Whispers. All of the eight people come to know that together they are knows as “Sensates”, who are humans who can communicate with each other with the help of the psychic power they hold, and together they must do something in order to prevent the great threat that is lurking around their neck.

Sense8 Season 3 Cast

Capheus “Van Damn” Onyango- Aml Eysan Ameen, a British actor from London plays the role of Capheus “Van Damn” Onyango. He was born on 30 July 1985.

Sun Bak- The role of Sun Bak is played by South Korean photographer and actress Bae Doona. She is from Seoul, South Korea, and was born on October 11, 1979.

Sense8 Season 3 Trailer

No trailer for the third season of Sense8 is available. But the trailer for season 2 is definitely there, and we provide you all the same. Watch the trailer below and then go and watch the whole series on Netflix.

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