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25 Sexiest Horror Movies: Which One Will You Watch This Weekend?

A lot of us are big fans of the horror genre. The mystery, the chills, and the horrific visuals are what we find fascinating. Some of us on the other hand like watching something sensual and sizzling. How about watching something horror as well as sensual at the same time? Sounds very thrilling right?

Combining two genres in a movie is a very difficult task for the makers. Some of the genres are very difficult to combine. Horror and sensuality are indeed a very tricky combination because it becomes difficult for the makers to effectively captivate the focus of the audience, simultaneously ensuring that both genres are highlighted properly in the movie.

There are very less movies that are sexy as well as horror. The horror genre is generally combined with mystery, thrill, violence, and other such genres.

For the people who love horror movies and for the people who love watching sensual movies, we have provided in this article some movie recommendations which are a perfect blend of horror and sensuality!

Are you ready to have some chills combined with the pleasure of sensuality? So let’s read about some sensual and horror movie recommendations.

25 Sexiest Horror Movies

25. Species

Sexiest Horror Movies

Species is 1995, an American science fiction thriller that although very old, is still one of the most talked about movies. The movie has a very unique and one-of-a-kind plot. The movie’s story is about a group of scientists and government agents who are trying to find Sil, who is an extraterrestrial-human hybrid and a very seductive creature who looks for copulating with human males. She has broken out of the lab and is looking for a male with whom she can mate and get pregnant. Her hunt for a male to mate with her involves a lot of bloodsheds, sex, and some shocking things giving the plot unexpected twists which you could have never seen coming!

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24. Adrift

Sexiest Horror Movies

Adrift is a 2018 American film which is based on the book Red Sky in Mourning by Tami Oldham Ashcraft which was released in 2002. It is based on a true story that is all about the happenings during the events of Hurricane Raymond in 1983. The movie features a couple whose sailing adventure gets converted into a nightmare when they are caught in a hurricane. Both get separated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean after the hurricane. The story then moves on to both of them trying to find their way to Hawaii with the help of a damaged boat.

23. Between Worlds

Sexiest Horror Movies

Between Worlds is a 2018 supernatural thriller film that is all about the protagonist Joe, a truck driver who is shacked to the memories of his child and his wife who are dead. His life changes when he meets Julie, who has some spiritual powers. She is desperately trying to find the lost soul of her daughter Billie and involves Joe in it. But things go in another direction! Joe’s wife’s soul proves to be more powerful and it possesses Julie’s body. She does so because she wishes to settle some unfinished businesses with the humans. This supernatural thriller is very exciting to watch as it goes in unexpected directions!

22. Cam

Sexiest Horror Movies

Cam is a 2018 American psychological horror movie. The story of this movie is about the story of a young girl Alice who is an online cam girl. She lives streams from her home studio. Everything seems to be going well until one day, her account gets by her doppelganger. She gets replaced on her show by her replica. Alice then moves on to untangle the mystery and get her identity back.

21. The Bridge Curse

Sexiest Horror Movies

The Bridge Curse is a Taiwanese horror movie that was released in 2020. The movie showcases four different timelines 1990, 2012, 2016, and 2020. The story of the movie starts in 2016 when a group of students decides to go on the bridge of a Taiwanese University. What’s strange about this bridge is that it is haunted, as per the urban legends. All this makes everything more exciting for the students to go and discover the bridge. As per the urban legend, a girl was killed on this bridge which becomes 14 steps at night and 13 steps during the day.

Furthermore, if any person climbs the 14 steps and looks back, that person gets killed. To check this urban legend, the group of students decides to go on the bridge. The group of students sends one of their friends to the bridge who disappears after 14th September. The rest of the members of the group go to search for him, but they disappear too. The timeline then jumps to 2020, when a journalist tries to uncover the mystery of this bridge, which is said to be haunted.

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20. Creep 2

creep 2

Creep 2 is a 2017 American psychological horror film that is a sequel to the 2014 film Creep. The movie is all about the protagonist Sara, who is a video artist. Her work mainly involves exploring the intimacy of lonely men. She comes across an online advertisement that captivates her attention and she decides to contact the person believing that this person might be the right subject for her next project.

Deciding to meet him, she goes to a secluded house in a forest where she meets a man claiming to be the one in the poster, who greets her and tells her that he is a serial killer. On knowing this, Sara could not just resist the urge to create something very exciting and shocking. She then readily agrees to spend the day with him. But things start going South and as the day progresses, she starts believing that she has landed herself in a situation from which she cannot escape.

19. Deadly Illusions

Sexiest Horror Movies

Deadly Illusions is a 2021 erotic, horror film. The movie is all about a female best-selling novelist who is suffering from writer’s block. She hires a docile, young woman to look after her twin children. As the writer deeply indulges herself in writing her new best seller, she realizes that the line between the life she is writing about and the life she is living starts getting blurred. Not only this, the babysitter Grace, also has a very odd vibe which makes the other person feel that is too good to be true.

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18. Girl On The Third Floor

Sexiest Horror Movies

Girl On The Third Floor is a horror movie released in 2019. The story is about a man Don Koch, who has a dark past of which he is not very proud. He has a criminal history. With the hope of starting a new life with his wife who is pregnant and a dog named Cooper, he purchases an old house in the suburbs. Shortly after moving in, Don learns about the house’s peculiar last from a local bartender. He also starts noticing some strange events inside the house. Hoping to have a good time with his wife after having a miserable past, Don has no idea how miserable his life is going to become!

17. Gerald’s Game

Sexiest Horror Movies

Gerald’s Game is an American psychological, horror film that was released in 2017. The movie is based on Stephen King’s novel of the same title which came in 1992. The movie is about a couple Jessie and Gerald Burlingame who go to an isolated lake house in Fairhope, Alabama to spend some romantic time with each other. Gerald takes Viagra and ties Jessie with handcuffs to the bedposts and begins to enact a peculiar rape fantasy that makes Jessie uncomfortable but continues playing along until it gets too much for her and she asks him to stop and uncuff her. A heated argument then takes place between both of them in which Gerald blames Jessie for not trying enough to rekindle their relationship. Amidst the argument, Gerald dies of a heart attack, and Jessie is left tied to the bedposts with handcuffs and has no clue where the keys are.

The movie then has various unexpected twists and turns which are very captivating and explicitly talk about sexual abuse.

16. I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

Sexiest Horror Movies

I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House is an American-Canadian horror film that was released in 2016. The story of movie is about a retired horror writer, Iris Blum, who is suffering from dementia and lives all by herself in a secluded house in Braintree, Massachusetts. The house also has a story behind it. It was built by a man for his beloved wife. On the day of the wedding, the couple vanishes mysteriously and the house is left unfurnished. To take care of Iris, her real estate agent Mr. Waxcap arranges a live-in nurse Lily Saylor. Iris is the only one who starts referring to her as “Polly,” as explained by Mr. Waxcap, who was the protagonist of the most popular novel, “The Lady in the Walls.” Since day one, Lily starts noticing some strange happenings in the house, and the level of strange things happening only escalates!

15. Hush

Sexiest Horror Movies

Hush is a 2016 American film. The story of movie is about a horror author Maddie Young, who is deaf and mute. She loses her ability to speak and listen after she got bacterial meningitis at age 13. After the publication of her novel Midnight Mass and receiving international recognition, she leaves New York City and starts living a secluded life in the woods with her cat. Strange things start happening as one day her friend Sara visits her to return a copy of her book and gets killed. The killer then starts stalking her and threatening her.

14. The Invitation

the invitaton

The Invitation is an American horror film that was released in 2022. Originally titled the bride, the movie is all about a struggling artist Evelyn “Evie” Jackson in New York  City who makes a living by working as a freelancer for a catering business with her best friend Grace. On Grace’s suggestion, she takes a DNA test and discovers a distant cousin in England named Oliver Alexander. She agrees to meet him and gets invited to a family wedding. She accepts the invitation. When she goes to the wedding, she starts noticing some strange occurrences during her stay.

13. The Guest

the gues

The Guest is a 2016 Spanish mystery thriller movie that has four remakes in different languages. Here’s how the story goes. After being arrested for killing his lover Laura Vidal,  Spanish businessman Adrián Doria is out on bail. To fight his case, Félix Leiva, his lawyer hires a very popular defense attorney Virginia G, who asks him to tell everything. Adrián then tells Virginia how she and Laura ended things but both of them receive a call blackmailing them to come to a rural hotel with €100,000 where Adrián is knocked unconscious and Laura is killed. After waking up, he finds Laura dead in the bathroom with all the doors and windows locked from the inside which makes Adrián the very obvious suspect. Is he the murderer?  What is the truth? Watch to find out!

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12. Strange But True

Sexiest Horror Movies

Strange But True is an American, thriller film which was released in 2019. The movie is an adaptation of the book of the same name written by John Searles which came in 2004. Melissa Moody arrives at his boyfriend Ronnie Chase’s home to announce to his family that she is pregnant with Ronnie’s child. Now, what’s so strange about the whole thing? Well, Melissa’s boyfriend Ronnie, who she claims has impregnated her, dies 5 years ago on his prom night! Melissa claims that Ronnie is the only one she has ever had sex with. Thinking it to be absolute nonsense, Ronnie’s mother asks her to leave. What’s the truth? What has happened? Watch the movie to find out!

11. Things Heard And Seen

things heard and seen

Things Heard And Seen is an American horror movie that was released in 2021. The story is all about an art restorer who relocates along with her husband and her daughter to the Hudson Valley. Something happens which makes her suspect her marriage is based on some hidden secrets which are somewhat also related to her current home’s history. What are those dark secrets? To know all that, you’ll have to watch the movie.

10. What Lies Below

what lies below

What Lies Below is an American horror film that was released in 2020. The story is about a 16-year-old high school girl, Liberty Wells, who is also known as Libby, and her mother who is a romance novelist. Libby returns to the family lake house after her summer camp ends and gets introduced to her mother’s new boyfriend, John, who is an aquatic geneticist. Some strange things start happening to her which make her doubt her mother’s new boyfriend. She begins to despise her and starts doubting his identity. He seems strange and has very peculiar behavior. Is he even human? Watch to find out!

9. The Woman In The Window

Sexiest Horror Movies

The Woman In The Window is an American psychological thriller that was released in 2021. It is based on a 2018 novel of the same name written by pseudonymous author A. J. Finn. The story is about a Child psychologist Anna Fox who lives all by herself in a Manhattan brownstone. She has separated from her husband Edward who now lives away with their daughter Olivia.

Although they are separated she is connected to them and talks to them daily. What makes Anna different from others is that Anna suffers from agoraphobia. Things take a very strange turn for her when she witnesses a terrible crime take place from her window and the suspicion turns back on Anna and her authenticity as a witness. Are her neighbors reliable or Anna’s hallucinations are not just hallucinations, they are real?

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8. Velvet Buzzsaw

Sexiest Horror Movies

Velvet Buzzsaw is an American satirical black comedy horror film that was released in 2019. The movie is a satire with a very unique concept. It is set in the contemporary art world scene of Los Angeles where artists compromise on the concept of art when it comes to money. Things change from them when a series of haunted paintings start appearing to take revenge on those who value money more than art.

7. Truth Or Dare

Sexiest Horror Movies

Truth Or Dare is an American supernatural horror film that was released in 2018. The story of movie is about a group of friends who go on a vacation to Mexico and while on their vacation start playing truth or dare. Well, it’s not just a normal game of truth or dares! People who refuse to follow the obligations of the game will have to suffer deadly consequences!

6. Secret Obsession

secret obsession

Secret Obsession is an American psychological thriller that was released in 2019. The story is about a woman who gets injured after being struck by a car. She wakes up in a hospital with amnesia and sees a man by her side who claims to be her husband and says that her name is Jennifer. Her husband tries to help her regain her memory by showing her pictures and telling her about past events. But things are a lot more complicated than they seem to be!

5. Death Of Me

death of me

Death Of Me is an American horror film that was released in 2020. The story is about an American couple visiting a remote island in Thailand. Instead of having a great time there, they wake up with no memory of recent events. The one clue that they find is a video that is very strange and disturbing showing both of them brutally killing each other. What’s the truth? Watch to find out!

4. Nightcrawler


Nightcrawler is an American psychological thriller that was released in 2014. The storied movie is about the protagonist, Louis “Lou” Bloom, a stringer who does the very strange and bizarre work of recording violent late-night events in Los Angeles. He then sells the footage to a local television news station. He has a sultry relationship with the news director, Nina Romina.

3. Eyes of Laura Mars

Sexiest Horror Movies

Eyes of Laura Mars is an American mystery thriller film that was released in 1978. The story is about a New York fashion photographer who has a portfolio of sexual as well as violent images which she has captured throughout her entire career. The plot takes an interesting turn when she starts getting visions from the perspective of a serial killer. She catches him stalking the people around her friends and colleagues and tries her best to stop him before something goes very wrong!

2. Dressed to Kill

Sexiest Horror Movies

Dressed to Kill is an American thriller, mystery film which was released in 1980. The story is about a high-class prostitute who witnesses the murder of a housewife who is absolutely dissatisfied sexually. Suspecting her to be the killer, the police threaten her. She also gets threatened by the actual killer who wants her to keep mum. Even after all these years, the movie is very thrilling and exciting!

1. Prom Night

Sexiest Horror Movies
Prom Night

Prom Night is a 2008 slasher movie that is a remake of the 1980 movie of the same name. The story is about a high school girl named Donna Keppel who gets traumatized after witnessing her high school teacher, Richard Fenton, murder his entire family very brutally. What’s worse is that he does all this after becoming badly obsessed with her. Three years later when she is getting ready for her senior prom, Fenton escapes from prison and goes to the hotel which is hosting the prom night. On reaching there, he murders everyone who comes in between his and Donna’s reunion.

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