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Shadows house episode 6 Release date

Shadow house the manga series that Aired globally in April 2021, the manga series has gained a lot of hype and the viewership of the show is increasing day by day. The show has been written by Duo-so-mato and was published in Shueisha’s Weekly Young jump back in 2018. As of now in 2021 there have been 5 episodes of the show that have already been launched and the sixth one has to premiere yet. Shadows house is currently being released on Animelab and Funimation.

Shadows house episode 6 Release date

The show has been set to release on Sunday at – 12:30 am JST and 08:00 IST , for UK the episode 6 will premiere at 3:30 UTC.

Shadows House Episode 6
Shadows House Episode 6 release date

Shadow house episode 6 spoilers

Because of the phantom mayhem, there was haphazard all around, Emilico managed to save the lives of the workers somehow or else they all might have lost their lives. On the other end Barbie is up again with a meeting with all the workers, she tells that such circumstances were caused by the machine failure. Mia and Emilicio were happy as Barbie was telling this to all and at last, Barbie dismissed the meeting stating that if all of them won’t work hard enough there are worse circumstances waiting for them in the future.

Later on mia and Emilico talk about how barbie was dissapointed by the event that took place, she also goes on speaking about how she and Rosemary were innocent and they didn’t had any hand behind the mayhem, she tells about the failure of the soot processing equipment.

Shadows house episode 5 Recap

Emilico is determined to prove herself, she says that she is not good at writing still she is going to prove herself at sewing. After that Rosemary tells the girls to return to their rooms and as Mio goes inside her room she finds that someone has intruded her room. She also sights shadow marks on the wall as well as her documents and her doll scattered in pieces. Emilico tells kate that the debut will be done tomorrow.

Shadows House Episode 6

After that Emilico talks to kate and tells them that they should have studied together, and she is sad. On watching this kate decides to help Emilico with the chores and make her feel better but Emilico is still the same she even tried to make her laugh. At last, Emilico heads towards her room and starts studying for her Debut that has to happen the other day.

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