Shaman King Episode 25 Release Date And Watch Guide

Written and illustrated by Hiroyuki Takei the manga with same name on which the anime is based on is widely acclaimed. The 2021 Shaman King is a modern reboot of the well received anime from the early 2000s. However the modern reboot is more loyal to manga that the original one. Some fans even consider the modern one to be a lot better while some prefer the original authentic one. The modern one as of now consists of 24 episodes yet.

Shaman King Episode 25 Release Date

Episode 24 was an emotional rollercoaster and fans are eagerly waiting for the next episode. The 25th episode of the series is scheduled to release on 30th September 2021.

Shaman King Episode 25 Story

Shaman King Episode 25 Release Date

The plot is based in a supernatural world filled with action, adventure and wonders that might exceed the limits of your imagination. The set up includes a supernatural world where spiritual beings, Gods, souls or ghosts coexist with human beings. But the catch in here is that even though these spiritual beings exist among the human society, they cannot be seen by ordinary people without certain capabilities. But not human beings share the same fate. Individuals with exceptional capabilities, extraordinary strength and special abilities hold the ability to communicate and interact with spiritual beings.

These particular individuals are called Shamans.The story revolves around the concept of Shaman King. Shaman King is the most superior of all Shamans out there and is considered the strongest Shaman. However A Shaman King isn’t just chosen out of the blue. An extremely challenging competition called The Shaman Fight occurs to elect the Shaman King. The Shaman Fight is an extremely important tournament and is very prestigious among the Shamans as it is their only means to rise to top and possibly become the Shaman King as the winner of this prestigious tournament gets to become The Shaman King.

This tournament does occur every five hundred years and it allows every shaman from all over the world to participate and compete among each others and the winner gets to become the Shaman King. The title of Shaman King is what almost evey Shaman is after. To gain the title and be honoured as the Shaman King is the aspiration that every Shaman on Earth holds. The Shaman King isn’t only an honourable position, it comes with a lot of unique abilities. The Shaman Kings gets allowed to call upon the Great Spirit which grants them the strength to modify and reshape the world just however they want. This is why every Shaman wants to gain the unique abilities of a Shaman King.

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The story follows an individual named Manta Oyamada. At first we get to see Manta living a peaceful simple life like any other ordinary student. However Manta isn’t an ordinary human after all he has the capability of seeing ghosts and other spiritual beings despite not being a Shaman. He was student in a middle school before his life took a drastic change when he decided to take a short cut while trying to reach a class. The short cut he took was through a cemetery and his way through there he encountered a lonesome boy sitting there.

The boy asked Manta to join him and “them” in star-gazing. Manta got petrified as he bolted away from there since he realised that by “them” the boy meant ghosts who happens to be friends with him. Later, Manta got engaged in a perplex situation involving thugs however the matter got resolved as the boy who was stargazing protected Manta from them with the help of Amidamaru, who is a ghost of samurai who is six hundred years old. It is later revealed that the boy’s name is You Asakura, he introduces himself and explains his relationship with Amidamaru. He reveals that he is Shaman who is still under training and teaming up with powerful spirits and ghosts have proven to be essential on the path of being a Shaman. You Asakura on learning about the special ability of Manta to see spirits asked him to team up with him and set out on the path to help him accomplish his dream of becoming the Shaman King.

Shaman King Episode 25 Characters

Shaman King Episode 25 Release Date

Manta Oyamada- The role of Manta was played by Inuko Inuyama. Recently she has also played the role of thirteen in My Hero Academia. She is from Ryogoku, Sumida, Tokyo, Japan and her birthday is done 16th December 1965.

You Asakura- Youko Hikasa provides the Japanese role of You Asakura in the series. She also plays the role of Yoshie Hanabatake from the famous series Aho Girl. She is from Kanagawa, Japan.

The anime is available on Netflix to watch.

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