Shaman King Season 2 Release Date, Story, And Cast!

Shaman King, written and illustrated by Hiroyuki Takei, is a Japanese manga series that revolves around the adventure of Yoh Asakura. The creator of the series, Takei stated that his motivation for starting Shaman King was because he wanted to try and challenge a type of story setting, one based on shamanism, which was never tried before. The manga of Shaman King was released in the Weekly Shonen Jump, a weekly magazine of Shueisha, during the period of June 1998 and August 2004. All the individual chapters that were released were compiled together to form around 32 tank ban volumes. Kodansha received the rights to the entire series in 2017 and re-launched as 35 e-book volumes in 2018, which were also printed and published in 2020. The manga is extremely popular in its home country, Japan. It has sold over 38 million copies across the country as of March 2021. The manga was also reprinted into a Kanzenban edition and has been the inspiration for many various video games, spin-offs, sequel manga, trading games, and many other types of Shaman King merchandise.

The series received an anime adaptation that was aired on Television.  It was produced by NAS and Xebec, collecting around 64 episodes from July 2001 to September 2002, and aired on TV Tokyo.  The series was later rebooted once again as a television series that was produced by Bridge and aired on TV Tokyo and many other channels from April 2021 to April 2022. The series was also announced to have a sequel.

Viz Media obtained the license for an English version of the manga, Shaman King, and the chapters were released in the company’s Shonen Jump magazine from 2003 March to 2007 August in North America. Kodansha USA also obtained the license for the series 2020 and it was released in both physical and digital print. 4Kids Entertainment received the license to air the anime series in 2003 and the series was aired on FOX Box. 4Kids Entertainment released an exclusive video game that was retailed across North America and Europe.

Both the anime and the manga of the franchise have reached the position of Top Ten in their individual lists several different times.

Shaman King Season 2 Release Date

The Shaman King series gained immense popularity and a large fan base, including those of the previous run and those of re-make. The series had a total of 52 which were fully adapted from the manga and covered all 35 volumes of the original Shaman King manga.

However, there will not be a second season for the anime Shaman King because the first season already contains all the content found in the manga. But nothing has been confirmed yet. That being said the series is setting a spin-off series called Shaman King: Flowers.

Shaman King: Flowers will focus on the adventures of the original protagonist Yoh and his wife Anna’s son, Hana Asakura.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Shaman King Season 1 Release Date1 April 2021
Shaman King Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Shaman King Season 2 Release Date

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Shaman King Season 1 Recap

Shaman King Season 2 Release Date
Shaman King

The plot of Shaman King is centered around Yoh Asakura who is a shaman, a shaman is described as a medium who serves as a connection between the world of the living and the dead. Yoh’s goal is to become the strongest shaman of all the Shaman King, who is said to be able to contact the Lord’s spirit. The only way he can attain this is after winning the Shaman Fight, which is a battle that is held every 200 years between competing Shamans which will also grant them the ability to reshape the world. Yoh’s fiancée, Anna Kyoyama, makes an entrance and designs a hardcore training regimen to prepare him for the tournament. Along with his friends and comrades Manta Oyamada, Horohoro, Faust VIII, Ryu, Tao Ren, Joco McDonnel, and Lyserg Diethel, Yoh must reach the very summit of Shamanism.

Shaman King Season 1 Characters

Shaman King Season 2 Release Date
Shaman King

Asakura Yoh

Yoh Asakura is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series Shaman King. He is the heir to the famous shaman family, Asakura, and is the maternal twin brother and antagonist of the Shaman King series, Hao Asakura.

Asakura Anna

Anna Asakura or Anna Kyoyama is a character in the manga and anime series Shaman King. She is the fiancé who goes on to become the wife of Asakura Yoh and the mother of Hana Asakura.

Where to Watch Shaman King Season 2?

Shaman King can be streamed on Netflix.

Shaman King Trailer

The official trailer for Shaman King was released on March 4, 2021, on the official YouTube channel of Netflix Anime.

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